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Ion Detox Machine

When you're looking for new ways to enhance your health, you stumble upon a number of supplements and devices that all promise to help. But some devices seem to have more promise than others like the Ion Cleanse Home System, for example. With scientific studies and positive testimonials, it seems to be catching the wave of the future ionic detoxification but should you try it too?

What Ionic Cleanse has to offer

Ioncleanse, as it's sometimes spelled, is different from other ionic detox systems that are available, for a number of reasons. It's similar in the reasoning behind the success, however. These kinds of systems are working with the argument that the environment around us creates ideal conditions for negative ions to accumulate in our bodies. And it's these negative ions that cause health problems as varied as fatigue, poor digestion, poor concentration, etc. But when you use these systems, you regulate your negative ions by either introducing positive ions or removing them completely or some combination of both.

The Ion Cleanse system gives you the advantage of using both positive and negative ions to help bring balance back to your body. The device can actually switch from distributing negative ions into the water foot bath to positive ions into the water. In doing this, you can custom tailor your experience to be comfortable and health enhancing. Other systems can actually cause the user to feel dizzy and lightheaded during their treatment, as opposed to relaxed and serene. To help users feel more comfortable, the Ioncleanse system actually has five different settings that you can use and there's one for everyone.

With this ionic cleanse system, you will also get the safety assurance of the ionic detoxification process with seals of approval and safety from the FCC and CE organizations. The alternating current that is directed into the water is safely converted from the direct current of your home outlet in order to provide a safe level of electrolysis in the water, causing the ions to be re-balanced.

What else you can expect from Ionic Cleanse

In this ionic detoxification system, you will also notice that there are two different kinds of water elements: the powerful 304/321 combination or the standard 316 plates. These plates are what direct the current into the water and allow the ions to become balanced again. What you might want to consider, however, is that the 304/321 combination plates provide you with more positive and negative ion concentration in the water. This might increase the results you get from using the system.

And the Ionic Cleanse system also comes with the assurance of customer service and support whenever you need it. If you have a question, there is a customer service line that will direct your call to the appropriate place or they will assist you directly. This customer service comes free of charge and is guaranteed to be waiting for your call as long as you own your system.

This article was written by Dr. Robert Fleishmann, a board-certified neurologist and specialist in total mind body wellness, and consultant for A Major Difference makers of the Original IonCleanse , Light Rejuvenizers, and Body Clensing Products.

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Daily Detox Tea

Green tea has been a medicinal supplement for both the Chinese and the Japanese. Their daily consumption includes green tea detox. In a lifetime, loads of green tea is used up by them. Drinking green tea has enabled them to have prolonged life expectancy. Throughout their lifetime, they are unrestricted by devastating ailments that stands as prove to the green tea detox power.

Our body is able to create these toxins every time a cell in the body dies and is transformed to energy. Free radicals are unstable molecules that become oxidants. The atmosphere is full of free radicals from air pollution. There are toxins from water and land pollution. Today, there is even food pollution going on that gives off toxins. Sun rays can also give off toxins that harm the body. With all these factors damaging the body, there are times when our body system just breaks down.

Green tea detox is becoming a trend today. But what really does green tea detox means?

Detoxifying is a procedure in the body that is done by certain body organs. Such are the kidneys, lungs and the liver. They eradicate toxins from the body which causes cancer and other illnesses. Our body alone cannot fight all the free radicals. This is why we need green tea detox.

Green Tea Detox To The Rescue!

Green tea is known for having potent content of polyphenols. These polyphenols are specifically known as epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG. It is a potent detoxifying agent. It is able to shield the body from free radicals. Free radicals are toxins present in the atmosphere and even inside the body.

Green tea detox is produced by green tea. Green tea is made from dried leaves that have not undergone fermentation. This is the reason why it has potent content of detoxifying agents namely polyphenols or EGCG. They are accountable for the green tea's green tea detox power. Not only does the green tea eliminate the free radicals that harm the body, it also contains numerous health benefits for the body's betterment.

Green tea studies prove the following health benefits:

  • Avoid numerous kinds of cancer known to man
  • Defend against auto-immune illness like diabetes
  • Delay the maturing progression of the body specially the skin
  • Prevent teeth from falling-off through giving us fluoride
  • Increase speed of the body's metabolism
  • Enables weight loss eliminates excess fat
  • Develop mind attentiveness by giving us essential amounts of caffeine
  • Break the progress of Alzheimer's disease

If you will try the green tea detox, there are things you should consider. For a more effective green tea detox, you should take in healthy foods with fiber and are free from gluten. This will help your body become healthier and be rejuvenated. This will also give you more energy and more endurance.

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Fruit Flush Detox

Review Summary

As such, products and programs which claim to offer near-instant weight loss results may raise some red flags. Fruit Flush an e-book and weight loss program developed by Jay Robb which seems to make these sorts of promises. Read on to learn more about Fruit Flush and its approach.

Program at a Glance

Probably in an effort to protect the intellectual property contained in the e-book, there is little conclusive information offered with regard to this program. It simply claims to provide three-day weight loss results.

Program in Focus

With a name like Fruit Flush it is hard not to assume that this program is focused heavily on ridding the body of excess waste and water. This may entail ingesting a variety of laxatives and diuretics or simply the use of high-fiber fruit concoctions. Either way, there does not seem to be any indication that Fruit Flush offers the kind of weight loss benefits often associated with the most effective products and programs. These benefits include appetite suppression and an improved capability for burning fat.


-May provide some detox benefits


-Clear information not available

-Seems to offer no appetite suppression

-Apparently no fat burning agents prescribed

-May rely primarily promote superficial weight loss through increased excretory output

-Satisfaction guarantee not mentioned

Final Thoughts

As mentioned previously, any program that is marketed as a fast weight loss solution should be seriously investigated before one makes a purchase. In the case of Fruit Flush, this program may follow the same old faulty logic that has become so common with these sorts of books. If this is true, dieters must recognize that staying in the bathroom all day is no way to live, nor is it the way to achieve true fat loss. Such a goal can only be addressed through the means of changing ones eating and exercise habits. Although such changes may seem daunting there are a number of viable methods for making such transformations happen. To maximize the results of these efforts, you may consider using a basic weight loss product which provides ingredients that have been shown to improve users ability to burn fat while holding back their appetites.

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Meth Detox

If you've been putting off detox for meth because you're not sure how to pay for it, you should know that there are numerous ways to fund treatment, even if you are not able to pay with cash and don't have insurance. This article discusses a number of ways to pay for detox for meth - a critical need considering the epidemic state of meth addiction in the US (NIH/NIDA Fact Sheets on Methamphetamine) and the fact that dependency on this drug leads to rapid and severe physical deterioration and health impairment.

Employer Sponsored Insurance

One of the most common ways of paying for drug detox is through an employer-sponsored medical insurance program. Unfortunately, many meth addicts with this type of insurance do not use it because they fear reprisal from their employer. However, in many cases addicts seeking treatment are covered by FMLA and other policies that prevent termination while an addict is seeking help. In fact, in some cases the employer may fund treatment through its insurance without knowing exactly what the treatment is for. This is most often the case with EAP or Employee Assistance Programs, which can make treatment arrangements independently of HR and other employer departments.

Private Insurance

Private insurance can help to pay for treatment, but even if you don't have your own you may still be covered under another plan - especially plans that are funded by your parents and include you as a covered party.

Credit Card

If you have the means to make the minimum monthly payment, charging a detox program to your credit card can get you the treatment you need. Of course, you'll need to keep in mind that you'll probably pay at least some interest on the amount you charge, and it could take a year or two to pay off the total balance. However, without treatment you'll almost certainly fall into further debt and possibly destroy your career, family, relationships, and educational opportunities in addition to potentially being incarcerated or killed as a result of your involvement with meth - a drug highly associated with violence.


You might not have enough cash in your bank account to pay for detox all at once, but many people seeking to enter a recovery program are able to raise capital through a number of means. This includes liquidating some or all of a 401K, IRA or similar investment vehicle, borrowing money from friends or family, withdrawing from savings accounts, taking cash out of a life insurance policy and many other methods. If you need advice on how to access enough of your capital to pay for treatment, consider consulting with a professional financial advisor.


If your credit is in good standing you may be able to finance a detox program. Home equity lines of credit, personal loans and secured loans are an excellent way to obtain funding, and often these types of financing come at a lower cost than accessing funds from a credit card.


Some drug detox centers offer scholarships for certain individuals, and there are some meth-specific programs available. However, you'll need to check with the detox center in your area if considering getting treatment locally, or contact the treatment center of your choice if you're considering attending treatment in another city or state. Scholarship requirements vary from place to place, so it might be worth it to make numerous attempts to obtain one.

Public Programs

Public programs, welfare funds and other types of government financing may be available to partially or fully pay for your treatment for meth addiction. These types of programs are often arranged through State-run agencies like the Department of Health and Human Services or DHHS. Even if the DHHS in your area doesn't have public funding available for detox programs, they'll often be able to provide valuable resources about where you can obtain funding.

Church and Charity Groups

There are many church and charity groups that offer funding for public needs, including drug treatment. In some cases you'll need to be a member of the group, while in many others funding may be available to anyone who needs it (and meets certain requirements). Finding out is as simple as a phone call to the administrative office of the groups you choose to contact.

Ultimately, if you put as much effort into obtaining funding for treatment as you did to procure and use drugs, you'll undoubtedly find a way to pay for the help you need. Detox for meth can be more expensive than for other drugs, especially if you require medical monitoring, emergency dental care or other more-intensive treatment. This means that funding your treatment will be an important issue and one that can be quickly addressed by contacting detox centers that you've researched. Each may be able to quickly point you in the right direction, and in many cases they can even help you obtain funding, arrange transportation and deal with court or legal issues.

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Cayenne Pepper Detox

Cayenne pepper, commonly known as red pepper, has a history going back over 9,000 years. Extremely hot and equally pungent, cayenne peppers are one of the few widely used spices that have been a part of many cuisines.

Cayenne has many health benefits, of which one is the ability to fight fat. Scientists have shown that cayenne pepper contains an essential ingredient called capsaicin. The basic property of capsaicin is to increase the ability of the body to burn fat by promoting the secretion of hormones secreted by the adrenal glands.

A recent study shows that the spicy behavior of cayenne pepper can combat weight gain in various other ways as well. It can change the composition of the proteins contained in fat cells to fight fat.

Several studies have shown that cayenne or red bell peppers target the fat cells by increasing the basal metabolic rate or BRM and burning body fat for energy. This process is called lipid oxidation.

According to clinical trials, despite having a wholesome meal with lots of carbohydrates, fats, and 10 grams of bell pepper, you are less likely to gain fat. This is a remarkable sign that indicates the efficiency of cayenne pepper in reducing body fat.

If you look at some of the cleansing and fat loss diet programs of today, you will come across cayenne pepper as an active ingredient present in many of them. Cayenne pepper actually works by boosting the metabolism that enables the fat burning process.

There is yet another reason why cayenne pepper is so effective in burning fat it regulates the level of blood sugars and prevents weight gain. When added to carbohydrates, cayenne peppers can actually lessen the sudden blood sugar spikes. It helps in curbing hunger and makes you eat lesser than usual.

Cayenne pepper has countless health benefits, including the following:

1. Even though cayenne pepper is fiercely hot and often intolerable, it contains the highest amounts of essential vitamins, minerals, and some phyto-nutrients. It has been used in traditional medicine for treating and preventing many diseases.

2. Cayenne contains capsaicin, an alkaloid compound that has anti-carcinogenic, anti-bacterial, anti-diabetic, and analgesic properties. When cayenne pepper is used judiciously, it can reduce the level of LDL cholesterol and can control triglycerides as well.

3. Fresh cayenne pepper is a great source of vitamin C and is a powerful water soluble antioxidant as well. It is essential for collagen synthesis.

4. Cayenne pepper is also a rich source of vitamin A and protects the body against damage caused by free radicals.

5. Cayenne pepper contains high levels of minerals as well, such as copper, iron, potassium, zinc, magnesium, manganese, and selenium.

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Magnum Detox

Back in 2005 Dodge used cars like the Magnum became a very big hit with the North American public. That was the year that Dodges parent company Chrysler decided to add a model to there existing fleet of vehicles, which had rear wheel drive. The Dodge Magnum believe it or not has a very sporty NASCAR look to it and you can notice the characteristics from the Dodge Charger in it. From all accounts this is not your normal station wagon and you would know that if youre driving the V8 package. So that said, my research is on the Dodge Magnum from the years 2005 to 2007 and to see what this vehicle would be like as a used car.

Dodge Magnum used cars:

I actually I looked at the 2006 Dodge Magnum R/T and I can honestly say this is the best looking station wagon Ive ever seen. The Magnums interior looks very much like the 300 and the Charger. For a station wagon, its interior has a stock car look to it, it had very nice comfortable leather seats and the speedometer/engine gauges are easy to read. The center console is easy to use and the magnum comes standard with power steering, AM/FM radio, ABS brakes, heating/air and CD player.

I found several different fuel statistics for the various engine sizes that the Dodge Magnum has to offer. The V6 has a fuel rating of 11.4-litre, per 100km, for city driving and 7.7-litre, per 100km, for highway driving. The V6, 3.5-litre has a fuel rating of 12.2-litre, per 100km, for city driving and 8.1-litre, per 100km, for highway driving. Their best model, the SRT8 (6.1-litre) has a fuel rating of 16.5-litre, per 100km, for city driving and 10.9-litre, per 100km, for highway driving.

There are different engine sizes for the different models the Dodge Magnum has to offer. The base package is the SE and that comes with a V6, 2.7-litre engine, which has 190 horsepower. The SXT has a V6, 3.5-litre engine, which has 250 horsepower. The V8, 5.7-litre Hemi engine, has 340 horsepower under the hood. Their best model, the Magnum SRT8 has a V8, 6.1-litre engine and that has 425 horsepower.

Lets look at the pros and cons of the Dodge Magnum as a used vehicle:

1-There is problem with a loud noise coming from the cooling fan.
2-There are problems with transmission fluid leaking sometimes.
3-The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gave it a five star rating on a frontal crash test done to it.

I hope this helps if youre thinking of buying a used Dodge Magnum.

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Lee Haney Detox

You got to eat big to get big!" That's what they all say, every pro from Lee Haney to Ronnie Coleman. But what exactly does that mean? Measuring out serving sizes by the pound? Pulling up to the nearest drive-through fast-food joint and ordering one of everything?

Not exactly. Eating "big" refers to eating a lot, yes, but of the right type of food, optimized by being split into meals eaten over the course of the day. You should aim for six meals per day, each one giving you 30-45 grams (g) of protein, for a total of at least one gram of protein per pound of bodyweight per day. You also need plenty of carbohydrates to boost your training drive and your ability to recover from the hard work in the gym.

Next, you need to stock your meal plan with the best foods for getting big. Personal trainer NYC The following list gives you 10 you can grow on--include them as frequently as you can in your mass-gaining nutrition program.

1 Salmon Six ounces of salmon provide 34 g of muscle-building protein and, just as important, 4 g of omega-3 fatty acids, the healthy fats that reduce muscle inflammation to encourage muscle repair and help control cortisol. (As cortisol levels fall, testosterone levels generally rise, promoting mass gains.) Personal training NYC Consuming a diet rich in omega-3 fats also helps push the majority of glucose you consume into your muscles instead of into body fat stores.

2 Lean beef A lot of hard gainers mistakenly ditch dietary fat, thinking it will add body fat. But, as with the omega-3s in fish, the saturated fat in beef actually promotes growth. Consuming too little saturated fat in your diet compromises testosterone and insulin like growth factor (IGF) levels, hormones that encourage growth. Beef is also a source of cholesterol, the main ingredient that helps the body make its own testosterone. Of course, beef is also a good source of creatine, B vitamins and zinc.

Leaner cuts of beef are the best option, as fattier cuts may provide more calories and saturated fat than even hardgaining bodybuilders need in a serving.

3 Eggs There are many different ways that nutritionists "score" protein foods for their ability to induce growth. Eggs are at the top of nearly every list because they are extremely easy to absorb--the body can easily break down the food into amino acids, the building blocks of muscle. Whole eggs are also rich in healthy fats, saturated fats and lecithin, all of which are great for helping to build muscle mass. Egg yolks may not be ideal when in cutting mode, but for offseason size gains, don't shy away from the yellow stuff.

4 Personal trainers NYC whole milk If you are a true hardgainer and you're trying to get big, don't drink skim or low-fat milk! Those are for dieters. Sixteen ounces of whole milk provide 16 g of protein and 16 g of fat. The fat in milk tends to be made up of shorter chains than the fats found in other foods. Short-chain fats are slightly anabolic, helping prevent muscle breakdown, and they are a little less likely to be stored as bodyfat than many other types of dietary fat.

The fat in milk also helps the body absorb vitamin D, which recently has been found to reduce the risk of cancer. It's no accident that bodybuilders in the '60s and '70s--guys such as Arnold and Franco, true mass monsters by any standard--drank a lot of whole milk.

5 Apple juice The irony of hitting the gym like a maniac is that it tears your muscles apart. You reap the benefits later, when your body rebuilds itself, bigger than before. Drinking 12-16 ounces of apple juice before you work out provides 45-60 g of carbs and gives you a quick burst of energy (due to the glucose) that is also long lasting (thanks to the fructose). This helps put a lid on cortisol production, ultimately minimizing damage to muscle fibers, while encouraging greater training volume.

6 White bread You know the drill--avoid refined carbs because they have less fiber and fewer healthy nutrients than their whole-food counterparts, and they spike insulin levels. They're bad news for most meals. However, white bread is the perfect food right after you train. That's when you want a fast-digesting carb to restock depleted muscle glycogen levels and boost insulin to kick-start muscle growth, as well as blunt postworkout cortisol. Four slices of white bread provide about 50 g of fast-digesting

8 Garlic How can an herb with almost no calories, carbs, protein or fat yield gains in mass? The answer is that garlic can dramatically change the hormones in your body. Getting big is about consuming the right macronutrients--carbs, protein and fat--at the right time of day.

But it's also about having the proper hormonal environment to encourage growth. Animal research shows that a high garlic intake combined with high levels of protein yields elevated testosterone levels and less muscle breakdown. In a nutshell, that's the true definition of an ideal anabolic state! Simply chop up a clove of garlic and stir-fry it with beef, salmon or chicken, and you have an instant anabolic additive.

9 Yogurt Natural yogurt, either low-fat or whole-milk based, can be found in health-food stores. Your best bet is yogurt that contains live and active cultures of "good bacteria." You won't see the word bacteria on the label--instead, look for Lactobacillus acidophilus, L. casei, L. reuteri or Bifidobacterium bifidum.

These probiotic bacteria pass through the stomach to the gastrointestinal tract where they help the body maintain a healthy balance of the bacteria that live there. These good bacteria promote a stronger immune system that aids in recovery and decreases the production of inflammatory agents, while increasing the absorption of nutrients.

Another benefit that yogurt provides is calcium, which controls muscle contraction and may help make your body less efficient at storing bodyfat.

10 Olive oil You can't mention mass building without discussing olive oil. The research is hot: olive oil controls inflammation in the body, and lower rates of inflammation are generally linked to improved recovery. Olive oil also produces hormonelike substances that support testosterone levels and, as with any source of fat, it contributes a dense source of calories, which help tilt the body into an anabolic state. Olive oil is also high in healthy fats.

Getting huge is not just about consuming all the calories you can for growth. It's about consuming the right calories for growth. Every bodybuilder knows the importance of consuming protein for building muscle mass, but many don't take into account the importance of carbs, fat and foods that influence the proper anabolic environment.

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Healthy Cleanses Detox

Nowadays, people want to be healthy and as nature-friendly as possible. This is probably due to the increasing rate of global warming and the catastrophes brought to the people due to lack of love for nature. One of the popular green drinks today is the green tea. The green tea is said to have the green tea detox property wherein it cleanses the whole body from toxins that come from outside and inside the body. There have been studies regarding the green tea detox and drinking it every day. It is said that it can prevent serious illnesses and even different kinds of cancer. It can almost make our immune system better. The body is also cleansed from harmful substances and even excess fats. These are just some of the marvelous things brought to us by the green tea detox.

Today, There Are Two Available Types Of Green Tea Detox. Both Are Good For The Body, But Which Is Better?

The green tea detox comes with types of tea to cleanse the body. The first type is the non-herbal tea. The non-herbal group is made up of the original types of teas that we know. Here, are admirable examples from this group is the Black, Oolong, Green, and White teas. These non-herbal teas are also different from each other, but all came from the incredible plant known as the Camellia Sinensis. They underwent different type of processes. The White one as the most unprocessed of them. The green tea detox, also did not underwent too much processing such as fermentation. This is one reason why has lots of benefits in it. It differs from the White tea because the tea leaves are matured before they are harvested. With the White tea, the tea leaves are still young when harvested.

Green tea detox plus other detoxifying herbs

The second type is the herbal tea. The herbal group is made up of teas and other plants to make detoxing better. The green tea detox can be found here, as well. However, it will not be green tea detox itself. It will have more herbs in it to make it a powerful cleansing agent. Our body already detoxifies itself. Unfortunately, there is too many toxins from our environment. Therefore, an extra boost of detox is needed to keep our bodies cleansed. The herbal teas are created mainly for this purpose. Detoxifying the body from harmful substances is also a way of making our body better, stronger, and healthier. The downside of herbal teas is that it has little caffeine in it.

With green tea detox, as part of the non-herbal group, it contains caffeine which makes it more beneficial especially in eliminating fats.

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Drinks To Detox Your Body

SlimOmatic-Suddenly Slim=Nowadays with the modern eating habits, pollution and the medications, all of us have lots of toxins within our bodies and by means of detoxification we can enhance our overall fitness and wellbeing. There are numerous approaches to detox the body. A natural way to do detox is to consume healthy foods and drinks that are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Detox Foods Fruits Apples have valuable phytochemical helps stimulating the bile production that helps with detoxification. Vitamin C rich citrus fruit like Lemons and oranges supports to flush out toxins and convert them into water soluble form which can be very easily excreted.

Vegetables Broccoli Sprouts are high in antioxidants that induce the detoxing enzymes in the digestive system and the phytochemicals contained in them has a specific effect on detoxification. Cabbage is well-known for its liver cleansing attributes. Fiber in beetroot increases the production of anti-oxidant enzymes in liver, which assist the liver and the gallbladder to eliminate bile and various toxins. Watercress keeps away the free-radicals from the cells, thus energizing the detoxing enzymes in liver. Artichokes boost bile production and detoxify the liver. Beans are a significant detox food, especially mung beans and kidney beans which assimilates toxic residue along the sides of intestinal walls. Seeds and Nuts Incorporating Flaxseed, almonds, walnuts is a great option which helps to bind and remove toxins from the intestinal tracts. Oils Using avocado, olive oils lubricate the intestinal walls, allows the toxins to be absorbed and removed by the body.

Green plants Seaweeds gives a chlorophyll boost to digestive tract thereby wipes out the harmful environmental toxins like pesticides. Herbs Dandelions supports cleaning of the digestive tract and aids detoxification. Spices Ginger and garlic assist the liver to get rid of free-radicals and filter toxic deposits in the digestive system. They are essential detoxifiers due to the sulphuric compounds present. Curcumin in turmeric works well for detoxification process. Detox drinks The easiest and healthiest way to detox is to have healthy drinks like fresh fruits and vegetable juices which help obtaining entire detoxing benefits before they may be leeched through cooking methods. Green Tea which has catechins (Flavanoid) speeds up the liver activity and raises the production of detox enzymes.

Lemon water cleanses the blood vessels, neutralizes and detox the system. Milk thistle tea and Dandelion tea protects the liver and rejuvenates it too. Ginger tea helps detoxing by perspiration. Peppermint tea calms down and strengthens the liver which helps detoxification. Fresh juices of apple, pineapple, papaya and orange flush the liver and kidneys. Aloe Vera juice ensures elimination of toxins when the liver breaks them down. Fresh juices of cabbage, carrot, and beetroot heal liver and helps detoxing. Fresh coconut water detoxifies by cleansing the digestive system. Bottleguord Juice is a wonderful healthy detox drink. If our aim is to revive ourselves from within while boosting our energy levels and our overall health and well-being, detoxifying our body through healthy foods and drinks is an excellent option.

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Soul Detox

As we move into the gloriously muddy and sneezy months known as Spring, we have, hopefully, begun to embrace detoxifying our bodies, removing the cobwebs of stored toxins and priming our bodies to burn more calories, stay awake longer, and re-energize for those long days coming up. Here are some great Spring tips to prime you for your best summer ever:

Eat Light: In Ayurvedic medicine, Winter is a time when we accumulate kapha, the dosha or constitution that represents water and earth. When kapha is balanced we feel steady, supported, calm, collected and focused. When out of balance we feel sluggish, tired and heavy. If we cannot shed the kapha of winter we risk becoming unbalanced, gaining weight or not shedding the few pounds we gained over the holidays. One great way to shed kapha is to lighten up our eating. Think about the first fare of the season and you cant go wrongtender mixed spicy or bitter greens, peas, shoots, seeds, nuts, asparagus. Move toward having big light salads with seeds and peas at least once a day with a light dressing of olive oil, spring herbs like mint, and lemon. Stay away from kapha producing food like dairy products, iced drinks, sugar, and fried foods.

Rise with the Sun: Again, as the days lengthen and get warmer, we tend to need less sleep. Shake off the last of winters blues by beginning to get up early and spending the time walking in nature or sitting quietly and watching the world around you for a bit. Spring is a time of renewal, a powerful shift in the world, and it is important to bring the body gracefully and easily into the new season. By being aware of the world around you and noticing the changes that occur it is possible to also be more aware of the body and the kind of movement and food that it wants.

Wood and Wind: Although many people associate winter with being sick, it is often spring that brings colds and flu. Spring is a time of extreme temperature changes, wind, and wet weather. These can wreak havoc on the body and the immune system. In Chinese medicine, spring is known as encompassing the wood element, which is related to the liver and gallbladder and the taste of sourness. Strengthening the liver and tonifying the blood at this time is a great way to boost the immune system and the overall health of the body. Herbs such as astragalus and fresh ginger are great for the liver right now as are fresh dandelion greens and drinking water with fresh lemon.

Setting Goals: Many of our new years resolutions have either been broken or could use a bit of refocusing. Spring is a great time to do this. There is more light to get outside and exercise, more fresh foods beginning to show up at farmers markets, CSAs, and grocery stores, more time and energy to refresh our goals. The earth is coming alive again and we feel that vitality within us as well. It is a potent force that can be used to truly change our lives and bodies.

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