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Soul Detox

As we move into the gloriously muddy and sneezy months known as Spring, we have, hopefully, begun to embrace detoxifying our bodies, removing the cobwebs of stored toxins and priming our bodies to burn more calories, stay awake longer, and re-energize for those long days coming up. Here are some great Spring tips to prime you for your best summer ever:

Eat Light: In Ayurvedic medicine, Winter is a time when we accumulate kapha, the dosha or constitution that represents water and earth. When kapha is balanced we feel steady, supported, calm, collected and focused. When out of balance we feel sluggish, tired and heavy. If we cannot shed the kapha of winter we risk becoming unbalanced, gaining weight or not shedding the few pounds we gained over the holidays. One great way to shed kapha is to lighten up our eating. Think about the first fare of the season and you cant go wrongtender mixed spicy or bitter greens, peas, shoots, seeds, nuts, asparagus. Move toward having big light salads with seeds and peas at least once a day with a light dressing of olive oil, spring herbs like mint, and lemon. Stay away from kapha producing food like dairy products, iced drinks, sugar, and fried foods.

Rise with the Sun: Again, as the days lengthen and get warmer, we tend to need less sleep. Shake off the last of winters blues by beginning to get up early and spending the time walking in nature or sitting quietly and watching the world around you for a bit. Spring is a time of renewal, a powerful shift in the world, and it is important to bring the body gracefully and easily into the new season. By being aware of the world around you and noticing the changes that occur it is possible to also be more aware of the body and the kind of movement and food that it wants.

Wood and Wind: Although many people associate winter with being sick, it is often spring that brings colds and flu. Spring is a time of extreme temperature changes, wind, and wet weather. These can wreak havoc on the body and the immune system. In Chinese medicine, spring is known as encompassing the wood element, which is related to the liver and gallbladder and the taste of sourness. Strengthening the liver and tonifying the blood at this time is a great way to boost the immune system and the overall health of the body. Herbs such as astragalus and fresh ginger are great for the liver right now as are fresh dandelion greens and drinking water with fresh lemon.

Setting Goals: Many of our new years resolutions have either been broken or could use a bit of refocusing. Spring is a great time to do this. There is more light to get outside and exercise, more fresh foods beginning to show up at farmers markets, CSAs, and grocery stores, more time and energy to refresh our goals. The earth is coming alive again and we feel that vitality within us as well. It is a potent force that can be used to truly change our lives and bodies.

soul detox

Foods For Detoxing

Our bodies will accumulate toxins over time. For this reason, every one of us should explore the benefits of detoxing. After many years of putting stuff into your stomach, your body will begin to react negatively to this kind of stress. Your feeling of well-being will slowly diminish, and pretty soon you may even feel ill. Some of the signs of toxins in your body will begin to manifest themselves and your feeling of discomfort will increase.

Toxins are found in just about every human being, to greater or lesser degrees. Toxins are usually stored in your fat cells. If you find that you are gaining weight, are probably constipated, or you suffer through bouts of diarrhea, you may be a prime candidate for a total elimination of toxins from your body. This is commonly known as a detoxification or a detox. For your good health and fitness, let us explore the benefits of detoxing together.

There are specific organs in your body which deal with waste management. As we eat and drink each day, our bodies basically extract what it needs from our food, and eliminate the rest. If the body's ability to eliminate these waste matters is impaired in any way, this can be a real problem, and this elevate the need to do a total body detoxification sooner rather than later. To understand how our bodies deal with waste matters, let us look at some of the major organs of our bodies that help us accomplish this.

1. Your liver is the organ that recycles the unwanted chemicals in your body. It sorts out the toxins and readies them for elimination during the process of circulation. The principal elimination organs will help the liver store these toxins for later elimination from the body. To really gain the maximum benefits from detoxing, any action taken in this regard, should include care and detoxing of your liver.

2. The lymph glands also play an important role in eliminating toxins from our bodies. This network of tubing, carry out the excess waste of the bodies to our final eliminating organs. The appendix, thymus, tonsil, and spleens are major lymphatic glands that help the major organs of the body in the process of cleansing and detoxing.

3. Your kidneys help you to manage water in your bodies. Our kidneys do this by managing our blood alkaline balance, a process of dissolving acid wastes in our bodies. You can help your kidneys to function better by drinking plenty of water every day. In the tropics, many people drink coconut water to help them do this. Experts recommend drinking fresh alkaline juices and purified water because you may be doing more harm than good if the water you are drinking is not pure. You may also take a small quantity of alkaline everyday to see positive results benefits from detoxing.

4. Our lungs are the organs that keep the blood air purified. They allow the oxygen to go directly into your bloodstream. Your lungs are also responsible for removing waste gases that are found in your bodies, especially from today's polluted cities. Deep breathing and fresh air can be very helpful in keeping your lungs healthy and free from toxins. If you are in the urban areas, we recommend that you find oxygen rich areas where you can perform deep breathing exercises. This would be areas such as parks, or gardens, with lots of green trees.

5. Our colon manages the solid waste from our bodies. Doctors and naturopathic practitioners have found that many people carry around, up to 80-pounds of mucus and other solid waste in the walls of their colon. Detoxing and cleaning the colon can be a really difficult thing to do. However, having your colon free from wastes will have immediate and even dramatic benefits. Firstly, you will lose weight. Secondly, you are less likely to have diseases such as cancer of the colon. Having a clean colon is one of the major benefits of detoxing.

Some of the signs of detoxing are joint pains, acne breakouts, and even allergy attacks. If you are experiencing some signs of detoxification, you may try walking briskly or doing other forms of exercise. Exercise will help the process of detoxing your body, and is also a major factor in overall good health. Many dietitians suggest that you drink plenty of lemon water, instead of plain water. This is an effective way of maintaining good circulation, and can increase the rate of detoxification inside your body.

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What Does Detoxing Your Body Do

When you detox your body, you can gain great health benefits, reversing the damage that living with toxins can cause. Toxins are all around you in the air you breathe, in the chemicals you spray for pests or air fresheners, the preservatives and dyes in your food and even in your shampoo! A full body detox is your only option to regain the energy you once had that the toxins have been depriving you of unwittingly for so long.

Feeling tired, run down or even depressed, skin blemishes, headaches, bloating, slow digestion and lower immunity are other repercussions of toxins being in your body. You can detox your body and recover all that energy and zest for life that may have been missing. There are a number of ways you can detox your body and while some may be more appetizing or easier than others, you might want to experiment a bit to find the best solutions that fit your body and lifestyle.

You can detox your body by changing your eating habits and choosing healthier foods for a diet full of natural and organic items. Get rid of any processed foods and refined sugars, they are not only toxic to your body but they add many extra pounds. Eat only foods that occur naturally in nature, to be sure your food choices are healthy and sound. Make sure you get healthy doses of vitamins and minerals in addition to antioxidants that are heart healthy and boost energy and metabolism.

Your liver is the primary organ that helps break down toxins so that the body can eliminate them naturally. To detox your body, your food choices should consist of ingredients that best help in liver function such as vitamin C, fiber foods such as grains, fruit and vegetables and even herbs like dandelion and green tea. Also, drinking several quarts of water per day can detox your body as well, especially in conjunction with positive dietary changes.

Deep breathing exercises bring higher levels of oxygen to your body and are a great addition in the process to detox your body. When higher levels of oxygen circulate, your brain has more clarity and your other organs benefit as well. Participating in activities that induce sweat is another way to detoxify your body, as sweat is one of the best ways to rid your body of toxins.

Water therapy is a great way to detox your body whether it is alternating hot and cold showers for a period of time or even indulging in an ionized water foot spa. The foot spa can work to draw out the toxins through the pores using ionized water, which will turn colors to show that impurities are being drawn out.

Reducing stress is another great way you can detox your body and it is also one of the hardest to do, thanks to higher costs of living and other personal worries. Meditation, biofeedback, imagery and yoga are just a few ways to detox your body and help reduce the stress in your life. Not every solution works may work for you, so be sure to experiment, allowing enough time to see which ones will work.

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Toxic Cleanse Diet

The body builds up a great deal of toxic compounds and various chemical compounds caused by our improper diet regime and unfit way of living. Consequently, it's very important to detox the body from these toxins and unwelcome chemical substances. Vegetable Cleanse is the greatest method of eliminating these toxic compounds from your body.

Organic fruits and vegatables are abundant with vitamin supplements, nutrients and also antioxidants that will help in eliminating the poisons in the body and enhance the defense mechanisms of the body. Therefore, starting fruits and vegetable cleanse is far more than simply a wise idea. After this cleansing process, it is strongly recommended to abandon vices such as alcohols, sweet, processed and oily meals.

Before you begin the cleansing diet, minimize consumption of tea, coffee and alcohol. Gradually stop salt, sugar and also other seasonings. This will be relevant since it offers the greatest results with vegetable cleanse. You'll be able to go ahead and take fruit juices of fresh fruits and vegetables; consume natural vegetables to efficiently eliminate unhealthy toxins in the body. You're also needed to stay well hydrated to maintain your body replenished with water.

You have to eat seasonal fruits and vegetables. Whenever you can obtain organic variety, that might be the very best. When you're coming off this cleansing procedure, little by little introduce foods to your diet. Get started with dry fruits and grains, little by little add dairy, fats and protein.

A vegetable cleanse is what healthy eating is about. A Vegetable Cleanse is really a fast and wholesome technique to detox your body and slim down. Vegetables and fruit are excellent foods, and having a number of them daily, rather than feeding on unhealthy food or any other foods, will rapidly replenish your digestive tract. If you choose to detox using fresh vegetable and fruit diet, you select a beneficial road to overall health.

Juice fast is a kind of fasting where an individual takes in only vegetable and fruit juices. Being offered only in digestible carbs, these types of food are broken down swiftly as the juice digestion method uses merely a little bit of energy. Individuals like to undertake juice fasting plan for a variety of factors and through a variety of procedures. Juice fasts are usually promoted along with supplements, supplies and organizations.

Further reasons behind starting Vegetable Cleanse involve religious or spiritual purposes, shedding pounds and trying to wean their selves with poor habits, e.g., drinking soda, overeating, smoking, caffeine addiction, and many more other. Some other serious participants make use of juice fasting as an option to traditional healthcare practices, like therapeutic way for cancer, pain, arthritis, depression, serious infections which antibiotics were unsuccessful, autoimmune conditions and a lot of some other terminal disorders.

Since natural juice has virtually no fiber, juice fasters usually make use of an enema or a natural or saltwater healthy laxative in the time of fasting to successfully get rid of waste from your colon and intestines. Another option is mixing psyllium husks to the juice. Mainly because psyllium isn't utilized by the body however improves in amount significantly upon absorbing the water, it makes the necessary bulk to maintain the bowel movement.

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Cleansing And Detoxing Your Body

Your colon is the final part of your GI tract an a healthy GI tract is essential to good health. The colon is where everything that hasn't been digested and put into your bloodstream ends up. Our body is a wondrous piece of equipment. It takes a while to digest everything. Fresh fruit on an empty stomach can take between 30 minutes and one hour. A piece of steak and some potatoes can take five hours plus! The colon contains the waste material of your body and as such needs to be removed regularly.

However, we consume a lot of food that isn't in its natural state so the body has to work overtime to digest this. Just think of our consumption of fast food! So what happens is that the colon gets emptied (hopefully at least once or twice a day) but the extra residue ends up stuck to the inside walls of the colon where it accumulates over time. Some of us even have difficulty eliminating on a regular basis, so the waste builds up faster.

So it's good to use colon cleansing, detox your body on a regular basis. At least once or twice a year is good. Different people have different opinions. Consult your doctor to see what s/he recommends. Colon cleansing can be done in so many different ways and can take varying amounts of time, depending on the method you decide to use. You can choose to do a fast which means consuming liquids be it water, a special lemonade as in the Master Cleanse, or fresh fruit juice. You could also decide on a series of treatments called colonics which is administered by a trained professional or you can cleanse your colon with herbal supplements. This article gives you information on herbal colon cleanse products.

There are many products to choose from. Have a look at your local health store or do some research on the internet. Many of these products are natural. Choosing a product can be a bit overwhelming as there are so many products out there - even on infomercials on the T.V. Still, with perseverance you will find the right product for you. Take care that it is a natural product (read the ingredient list carefully) and be careful to read about the side effects.

Once you've narrowed down you list, you can research the products themselves easily on the internet. Put in the name of the product in quotes (" ") and then ad review to have a look at what people have to say about the product. You will be positively surprised at how much information you can find about one product! You can also search in forums for colon cleansing, detox and fasting. This is always a good way to go. A lot of colon cleansers are fiber based (psyllium husks for example) which helps push out the excess waste. With determination you'll find the right product for you - after all we are all different and our body reacts to different things. It is definitely worth it.

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Best Body Cleanse

With over 50 years of success stories, the Master Cleanse is the healthiest and most natural way to cleanse and detox your body without any expensive detox products. Here are 4 little hot tips to have you get the most of out the Master Cleanse experience.

1. The Little-known 3 day soothe-in diet
This 3 day diet is not mentioned in the original Master Cleanser. Yet it has proven especially useful for those who have adopted it into their Master Cleanse program. Its purpose is to acclimatize your stomach to a fluid diet with more ease. This diet is to be taken 3 days prior to the actual Cleanse.

2. Best time to start the Master Cleanse
There's really no fixed best day or time. In fact, the best day is actually determined by you. Some find it hard to be on the cleanse and work at the same time. So the best period to start would actually be their rest period. While for others, working and doing the cleanse together works for them perfectly since it take their minds off food.

3. Getting past the 3rd day hump
The biggest obstacle it seems for most Master Cleansers is getting past the first 3 days of the Master Cleanse. Often, it gets uncomfortable and irritable to the point that they just dropped out of the cleanse. But once you get past the first 3 days, the rest of the cleanse is going to be a breeze.

4. Natural remedies to combat headaches
The Master Cleanse is a rapid detoxification program that will flush out toxins that have been building up in your body for years. For some individuals, minor side effects like headaches happen. Instead of using an aspirin, consume lots of water to quicken the detoxification process or use aromatherapy for relaxation.

The Master Cleanse is easy, cheap and produces results fast. You can expect to see results in less than 10 days. And effects include higher energy levels, weight loss and better skin. Give the Master Cleanse an honest try and see the results for yourself!

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Detox Baths

Basically hydrotherapy massage is where you are immersed in water and jets drive additional pressure into the water - similar to a Jacuzzi. You can put parts of your body (for example a shoulder or knee) against the jets to get a soothing therapy that is great for aching muscles and even arthritis. In Europe, most thermal pools have these jets and you can see people lining up in the warm water to use the jets.

Colon hydrotherapy massage is different - it still uses water though. The term colonic irrigation is also used for it. Therapists are specially trained to help you get the most out of your session. A machine containing purified water is used for this procedure and a tube from this machine is put into your large colon. The whole colon is gently cleansed - that means the whole five and a half feet of it. If you have an enema, for example, only the last foot of the colon is cleansed.

The water is purified with no other added ingredients. This is a gentle, natural process. The water soaks your colon and excess toxins, mucus, gas and waste are gently removed, as well as harmful bacteria. All this is accomplished without any drugs or chemicals and because of this hydrotherapy massage is getting very popular.

Of course the main benefit is that your colon is cleaner and your digestion can now manage better so that you can eliminate easier and more successfully. Also you will not feel so bloated and you'll have less gas. Weight loss can also be achieved with this procedure, although it is not the reason for it, but it happens because waste materials are being eliminated from our colon. Also, because you are getting 'clean on the inside', you can experience a better sense of well being and things like skin problems, headaches, even menstrual pain can be a thing of the past.

The whole process is overseen by a person trained in this procedure and you will be guided through the process. Afterwards, the therapist can advise you how many sessions you will probably require until the colon is fully cleansed.

Although we now have all the modern utilities to do this, the Ancient Egyptians used colonic hydrotherapy massage thousands of years ago. This method cleanses your colon gently but effectively and it's recommended, so give it a try.

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Cleanses For Your Body

The best way to prevent and cure Candida is through natural remedies. The severity of the disease and the length of time one has had the disease are factors in determining recovery time. It can take roughly 6 to 12 months to fully recover from it. This can seem like quite a long period but one has to remember that once this disease has taken over the body, it takes some time to get rid of it.

A Candida cleanse detoxification diet is the most effective way to rid your body of this disease permanently. This diet requires a strict regimen and a change in lifestyle. It has to be followed on a daily basis to get benefits or results. It should be rich in vegetables and unprocessed foods. Alcoholic beverages and fruit juices as well as soft drinks should be avoided.

The main source of the disease is the digestive system, so cleaning it up is the main key. Adequate fiber intake and drinking at least 6 glasses of water is important. Water helps in flushing out the dead yeast cells out of the system. Psyllium and yellow dock herb help tighten the colon. They also help when one suffers from constipation as they are bowel regulators.

A Candida cleanse will improve health and energy levels, resistance to disease and enhance mental state and brain function. It is important to make sure one has a diet of high quality and nutritious foods.

A natural liver cleanse is a process designed to help flush our livers of toxic build-up, including gallstones, so that it can function normally. A liver that is healthy and fully functioning is vitally important as it performs functions that keep the rest our body nourished and safe from toxins.

Our livers extract nutrients from foods and convert them into substances that our bodies need to survive, filters out toxins from everything we digest and helps to regulate our insulin response. The gallbladder is located just below the liver and produces bile which helps the liver process fats and is where gallstones are formed.

A natural liver cleanse helps with problems of indigestion, frequent headaches, lack of energy and fatigue, weakness, inability to lose weight, food allergies and intolerances, rashes, acne and other skin problems, pain in the torso or lower torso as well as muscle aches and pains.

An important note to remember is that a doctor should be consulted before embarking on both these cleanses.

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Percocet Detox

Percocet is an opioid medicine that can depress a person's central nervous system. It minimizes anxiety, pain, stress and insomnia while it immediately affects the neurotransmitters of the brain. The more an individual uses the medicine the more he will crave for it because of its habit forming properties.

When an individual builds tolerance for Percocet, his body will need an increasing amount of the drug. Failure to take the medicine, as the body needs it, will result in withdrawal symptoms. Because of this, there is a high risk of overdose. According to percocet addiction professionals, individuals who are struggling with an addiction to the drug should be cured medically to prevent severe withdrawal symptoms.

Some xanax addiction professionals who also speciliaze in Percocet addiction say that an addiction to prescription drugs can be both physical and psychological. Percocet is physically addictive because of its oxycodone ingredient. But people become physically dependent on the drug because of the pain relief that it gives. When the medicine is bought in the internet, there is an increasing risk of abuse especially when it is purchased by a young individual.

A person becomes addicted to Percocet as his pain receptors get used to having the drug and begin to expect it. When he doesn't acquire enough of the drug, he will experience symptoms such as irritability, vomiting, nausea and cramps throughout the withdrawal process. These symptoms will be experienced within two to four hours after he misses the normal dose. Most of Percocet addicts will not even realize that they have developed the disorder until they stop using the drug.

A Percocet addict is likely to shake or suffer from flu-like symptoms whenever he is not able to take the drug. It's possible that the pain will not be localized in a particular part of the body as it may be distributed to many parts, which makes the individual believe that he must take more dosage of the medication. Moreover, the addict may also have sleeping troubles. With an abuse of Percocet, the person will not be able to relax properly and his mental activity, which is triggered by the need for the drug, will prevent him from getting the necessary sleep.

When a Percocet addiction is not dealt with immediately, the condition and the withdrawal symptoms will worsen. It is likely for the symptoms to be more uncomfortable than any pain for which the drug was originally prescribed. But, it is possible to minimize these symptoms through constant treatments that an outpatient or inpatient treatment center gives.

Percocet abuse can lead to physical and emotional addiction. When you have a family member who is going through the condition, it is essential to bring him to a rehabilitation facility for an immediate treatment.

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Juice Detox Diet

NOSH Natural, Organic, Safe and Healthy is an award winning London based company - committed to you; and your best potential health and wellbeing. Diet Food Delivery is like having your own personal chef and dietitian helping you loses weight at a fraction of the cost. Nosh Detox, leading UK Company offers Diet Delivery of freshly made products NOSH-Meals and NOSH-Juice Fast at your home. Diet Food Delivery service can make you completely re-evaluate how you eat what you eat why you eat in couple of days. Diet Delivery service includes 3 steps unique process; Symptom Profiling - we effectively profile your health issues, Nosh Programmes - personal, bespoke nutritional programmes created just to help you, Well delivered - we deliver your diet programmes, supplements and therapies directly to your homes or offices around London, UK and Europe.

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If you need a helping hand counting the calories and controlling your portions, someone at Nosh Detox is always available to help you. Juice Fast is a fasting method and a detox diet where a person consumes only fruit and vegetable juices to obtain nutrition while otherwise abstaining from food consumption. The 6-day Juice Fast program is one of the healthiest and safest ways to achieve steady weight loss on the market today. With Juice Fast London at Nosh Detox, you can make your fast highly nutritious. Nosh juices are designed to keep your energy levels high as they contain all the pulp and fibre within them. Juice Fast is primarily designed to assists the body in attaining bodys natural state of balance by detoxifying and cleansing itself and weight loss is the by-product of the Juice Fast. Juice Diet increases the metabolic rate, which helps in digesting food quickly and eliminating waste material regularly.

Diet to your doors Diet Delivery at Nosh Detox delivers a breakfast smoothie, an antioxidant snack, a protein rich lunch, a super food smoothie with all vitamins and minerals of the day and a soup at night to mop up toxins and rest your intestine. Diet Delivery London at Nosh Detox offers controlled calorie and customized diet food to suit your every need. Diet should not mean giving up on food since this will deprive your body of essential nutrients. A balanced diet comprising fruits, fresh green vegetables and meats is very essential.

As Nosh Detox Diet Delivery service is available; you dont need to go to super market, a recipe book or a take-away restaurant all you get at your home at a fraction of the cost. If youre a foodie with great healthy-eating intentions but lack of time, get organic freshly made diet food delivery and save your time. Diet Delivery service is popular because, it is much affordable and convenient today. So, get nutritionally complete food delivered at your home and gain weight loss in few days. For more detail Call Now on 0845 257 6674 or just write us on

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