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Can You Cleanse Your Liver

Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the best colon cleanse out there?
    What's the best colon cleanse, liver cleanse, gallbladder cleanse, kidney cleanse, Candida cleanse lung cleanse? Is there a all in 1 type cleanse? Is it safe to do all these cleanses after one another?

    • ANSWER:
      Colon Clenz pills.
      Go to Hulda Clark's GB/Liver cleanse page. Google it.
      All Candida cleanses are good. Try a Chinese one.
      You can do all at the same time.

    How much of Apple Cider Vinegar should I drink a day to cleanse my liver?
    I heard that Apple Cider Vinegar helps to cleanse the liver, so I was wondering, is there a limitation as tow how much of it I can intake into my system? Are there side affects? And I also heard that you can put ACV on the scalp to strengthen the hair, is that true? Please give me simple answers, I don't wanna study about Apple Cider Vinegar, and I don't wanna read 100 pages, so please make it as simple as possible! Thank you so much!
    One thing I wanted to add is that I WANT to you Apple Cider Vinegar. For all of you who thinks it's not good for you, that's not what I'm asking! My question was, how much of ACV can I mix with water and intake it a day? Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      cider vinegar is very effective in detoxicating various organs in the body together with the blood stream. Hence it is a purifier, as it has a means of breaking down fatty, mucous and phlegm deposits within the body. It therefore, promotes the health of the vital organs of the body e.g. kidneys, bladder, liver etc., by preventing an excessively alkaline urine. Cider vinegar also helps oxidate the blood which consequently prevents the blood from becorning too thick and gluey, which gives rise to a strained heart and blood vessels resulting in high blood pressure. Cider vinegar also promotes digestion, assimilation and elimination and it neutralizes any toxic substance taken into the body.
      The dialy dosage is 2 Tablespoons in a glass of water before breakfast, and try fonding the highest quality ACV you can.

    How to cleanse the liver and/or Pancreas?
    Whats a good natural remedy to cleanse the liver and pancreas?

    • ANSWER:
      This page outlines the basic Liver Cleansing. This section contains eight pages of details related to the Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse. We hope you find this information useful.
      It is quite impossible to achieve complete health without having a clean body. If you want to build health and sustain it, the body must be made able to feed itself and remove its own wastes. This starts with a liver cleanse. When the liver is functioning it will clean the body at the cellular level provided that one eats good foods on a regular basis. At this point the food itself becomes a constant remedy. Eliminating the need for excessive supplementation.
      The Basic Ingredients needed for a successful Liver Gallbladder Cleanse or Flush:

      2-4 quarts of Organic Apple Juice
      6-12 fresh Organic Lemons
      A 16 ounce bottle of Extra virgin Olive oil, or Walnut oil which is much more palatable and just as effective.
      1 bottle of Digestorum or enough Paracelsus Elixir on hand to last for two or more weeks.

    How can you cleanse your liver?
    How can you naturally cleanse your liver.
    It's part of a natural cholesterol treatment that i'm researching.

    • ANSWER:
      wish i new !!! my husband has sarcoidosis in his liver , also his lungs ,we been told nothing can be done

    How can i detox and cleanse my liver?
    What are some natural and low cost ways to detox and cleanse my liver?

    • ANSWER:
      The healthy way is to have a healthy lifestyle.
      Adopt a healthy balanced eating plan, with a variety of fruits, vegetables, wholegrain, lean protein, healthy fats & low-fat dairy.
      Drink adequate water, keep the not-so-healthy foods to small portion sizes & don't over-indulge with alcohol.

    Does cleansing your liver help you lose weight?
    I've been trying to lose weight for a while now with some success but i heard that If you cleanse your liver you will lose weight faster is this true?

    • ANSWER:
      Every gastrointestinal specialist I know laughs until they cry when people ask about colon and liver cleansing.

      Your body has its own detoxifying process. If you drink enough water, eat fruits and vegetables, fiber and lean protein, your liver (and other organs) will be able to their jobs. You should also avoid artificial ingredients (anything that looks like you need a chemistry degree to read it) and excess fat.

      The liver, kidneys, colon, and skin are involved in detoxing your body and they normally do it very well. Unless you have a specific medical condition where your physician tells you to do a cleansing or detox diet, you should simply eat healthy, get sufficient exercise and sleep, and drink plenty of water.

      Congratulations on your weight loss! Don't try to lose too quickly. It may help to remember that if you're overweight, you didn't become so in a few months. Most people gain weight slowly over years, and it can take almost that long to take it off again.

    How to cleanse the liver and/or Pancreas?
    Whats a good natural remedy to cleanse the liver and pancreas

    • ANSWER:
      I just answered someone else's question about this.

      Home remedies do not work. If you have a serious problem get medical help.

    How does your liver affect acne?
    I've heard that your liver is responsible for clearing out any toxins in your blood, and if your blood gets overloaded with toxins it can overwhelm your liver causing outbreaks. Can anyone shed some light on this topic on if thats true or how to cleanse your liver?

    • ANSWER:
      I've heard similar things, and because of that some doctors will recommend liver cleanses, or similar cleanses (detoxes) to help clear up acne. Basically, at the heart of it, what's going on inside your body surely has an effect on what comes out your body. When toxins need to be released they come out in a number of ways. One way is via your natural elimination system, another can be through sweat, and another (but not the only other way), is through your skin.

      Here is a link for some different liver cleanses that you can do from home:


      Curezone in general, has a lot of good cleansing ideas, so if you go to the homepage, just go through some of the forums and ask questions there. They're really on top of things, so they'll post back pretty quickly.

      Good luck!

    What is the best body cleansing/detox product out there on the market?
    best product to help cleanse the liver, kidney, colon & intestines?

    • ANSWER:
      Don't buy any of those products that claim to do that. Water and eating right is the only way to cleanse stuff from your body that you put there in the first place.

      You need to take a drug test. That is the only reason people try these things. You still have to wait the 3 to 6 weeks for the drugs to pass from your system.

    How to Perform A Successful Liver Detox?
    I would like to know how to cleanse my liver, whether the remedies are a certain food, over-the-counter medicines, or a combination of the both. I feel tired and sluggish all of the time now and I believe it may be a result of toxins in my liver. If anyone has an answer I'd really appreciate it.

    • ANSWER:
      Go on a green juice diet. It will detox every cell in your body.

    what is used by doctors to cleanse your liver ?
    i have reoccuring boils, one right after another. i'm getting worried! someone told me to cleanse my liver. can someone give me some addvise, please?

    • ANSWER:
      There is no such thing as "cleansing your liver." Any product that claims to do that is a fraud and should be avoided. The "someone" who told you that does not know anything about human physiology.

      As another answer pointed out, boils have absolutely nothing to do with your liver.

    How can i detoxify/decongest my liver naturally for clearer skin and overall well being?
    I was told that if i detox/decongest my liver that i'll have clearer skin because the skin is a major outlet of everything else that is going on in your body.Right now i'm doing a colon cleanse kit.I just started.Will this interfere with naturally cleansing my liver or can i continue to take them?So how can i naturally detoxify my liver for clearer skin and overall well being?

    • ANSWER:
      We have Top quality Health and fitness products that will meet your specific liver nutrient need. Since we use the products my skin is totally different! Please contact us and we will send you this information;

    How can i detoxify/decongest my liver naturally for clearer skin and overall well being?
    I was told that if i detox/decongest my liver that i'll have clearer skin because the skin is a major outlet of everything else that is going on in your body.Right now i'm doing a colon cleanse kit.I just started.Will this interfere with naturally cleansing my liver or can i continue to take them?So how can i naturally detoxify my liver for clearer skin and overall well being?

    • ANSWER:
      I'm sorry to be a downer, but the alternative medicine claims that your body needs "detox" are false. Your liver is incredibly efficient at removing things that shouldn't be there. You don't need anything special to remove things.

      Drink lots of water. You don't need to drink aloe juice, and colon cleansing can be dangerous to the bacterial flora in your intestines. I wouldn't recommend it.

      You should see a dermatologist if you want to help clear your skin up. I went through about 15 prescription medicines that did nothing until I got Accutane, which worked perfectly. Each person is a little different.

    What exactly is Milk Thistle and do you recommend taking it?

    One of my friends told me about milk thistle and how it cleanses your liver from impurities? However, I read online that it is not approved by FDA, and then that if could be potentially harmful. I was wondering if anyone had anymore information on it or personal experiences while taking it?

    • ANSWER:
      Milk thistle, also known as carduus (or silbum) marianum, holy thistle, legalon, silybin, silymarin, among other names, is an herbal supplement which is often described as a liver detoxification remedy.

      It has reported uses for alcohol-induced liver disease, cancer prevention, gallbladder disease, chronic and acute hepatitis, high cholesterol, jaundice, Amanita phalloides mushroom toxicity, pleurisy, prostate cancer, and diseases of the spleen.

      It is not FDA approved for any indication and there is not substantial proof that it is effective for any of these uses. However, small studies (including my own unpublished/uncontrolled/unblinded trial in medical school) have shown that it may help to reduce symptoms of hangover, but not as much as water, sleep, and the occasional small dose of NSAIDs.

      Taking herbal remedies, or any medication for that matter, that are unproven and not extensively studied can have serious side-effects, especially in patients with co-existing medical conditions, taking other medications, or mixing them with drugs or alcohol (even for hangovers).

      This particular supplement is generally benign, but can cause GI upset, (severe or mild) allergic reactions, low blood sugar, impotence, rash, and joint pains.

      Medication interactions are common and caused by altered liver metabolism.

    How is you're LIVER on this fine morning, mine needs to be cleansed.?
    What do you recommend I use to cleanse the liver, nothing I have to order on line please, something from the drugstore or health store. My liver awaits!

    • ANSWER:
      One thing your liver can really get healthier from, aside from cleansing, is by your taking milk thistle tablets that are cheaply bought at any drug store. This keeps your liver healthier all the time. Take them, daily. Health stores carry items such as 'flush' to buy to cleanse your liver, as well.

    How do you cleanse you liver and keep it clean?
    I read that consuming certain foods can cause a buildup called "fatty liver" and that when you have this is slows down you fat burning metabolism. So I want to know how to make sure your liver is clean, which foods to eat and which to avoid etc.
    I do work out daily, and I eat healthy most of the time.

    • ANSWER:
      Going to quote you real fast:

      "I read that consuming certain foods can cause a buildup called "fatty liver" and that when you have this is slows down you fat burning metabolism."

      It's actually far more complicated than that. I'm not going to go into everything here, but there are plenty of ways people burden their livers and destroy their organs -- much of the time willingly.

      To "cleanse the liver," there's only two things you can do:

      1: Stop burdening the liver.
      --- Typically this step involves doing >less.< Eat less, for example. Suck in less car exhaust, drink less cola, wash your hands less, shower less, etc. There are too many things to talk about here, so I'll just leave you with that and move on.

      2: Resupply your liver with what it needs.
      --- This step can be a huge problem for people, because there's so much misleading information out there. In fact, most of that misleading information has "clinical trial" stamped to it and is therefor approved by the government and the masses.
      --- But whatever -- they'll do what they want. I'll tell you the truth: In some way, you need to get just about every basal element into your body, all in different amounts. Magnesium, for example -- or zinc, or molybdenum, or hydrogen, or strontium.
      --- The liver needs many different materials to make tools with. If it can't make its tools, it can't repair itself or deal with the load its obligated to take on. You can cleanse you heart out with herbs and water and all sorts of things, but your liver will never be healthy without the elements it needs. This goes for the entire body.

      So, start researching, but lookout for the liars. Apparently you want to lose weight, which is fine, but be more concerned about your body as an organism. Go on a fast using pure, filtered water or deep-ground well water (get it analyzed), and remineralize it with dark sea salt ("dark" meaning the darkest in color you can find), sea water, or concentrated sea water (w/ or w/o sodium removed). Doing just that, you can expect to healthily lose five to twenty pounds a week, depending of course on how much weight there is to lose and what your body's condition is at the time.

      Hope this helped.

      EDIT: "Cleanse your heart out" was meant figuratively.

    My 11 year old cat has been diagnosed with an inflamed liver suspecting hepatitis.?
    What type of natural herbs, essences etc could be used to help reduce and cleanse his liver? He is eating & drinking but has lost weight. The vet did a blood work up and everything was fine except the liver. He had a normal reading a year ago. He also has IBS. Can those two be linked?

    • ANSWER:
      Sorry to say, Yes. Common in house cats. The two are linked. Hep in cats can be treated, but he is 11. Love him up. I would.

    Spiritually, if you knew a certain food would beat cancer, would you eat it?
    I have learned how to eat healthier and eat certain foods to help with health problems, for example:
    Cherries reduce inflammation and help with pain.
    Pineapple has an ingredient that helps with arthritis.
    Blue berries fight cancer and cleanse the liver.
    Limes fight lung cancer.
    Lemons cleanse the liver.
    Cooked broccoli fights and prevents cancer.
    Oranges have vitamin C with helps with colds.
    Asparagus helps with urinary tract infections.
    Homemade chicken soup is like a natural antibiotic.
    The list is endless; feel free to give extra help tips also
    But really this question is about your spiritual life.
    We do all we can to stay healthy by eating healthy.
    But how many of us think about their spiritual health.
    This is what the Bible says about spiritual health:

    (John 17:3) 3 This means everlasting life, their taking in knowledge of you, the only true God, and of the one whom you sent forth, Jesus Christ.
    There is no hell and the Bible doesn't teach that. so if you are afraid of that, eat what you want.

    • ANSWER:
      Some interesting claims here. A major practice in the area of food industry marketing and in pharmaceuticals is the process of taking our foodstuffs apart and looking to see what useful chemicals are able to be derived from them. In many cases this is good as it's a golden route to discovering new drugs.
      The downside is the marketeers of these fruits can woefully misuse the information and spread what is essentially a bunch of misinformation to the public.

      Nature is a brilliant chemistry lab and nearly all our pharmaceuticals are natural derivatives, but just because a drug comes from a plant, it does not automatically follow that plant itself is all that beneficial beyond it's source of everyday vitamins and minerals. The "active ingredient" or chemical property which actually aids us medically in nearly all cases must be concentrated, refined and synthesised.

      Cherries contain anthrocyanins which show promise as an anti-inflammatory agent and mild analgesic - at least in rats so far. BUT the concentrations of these chemicals in an unprocessed cherry (or grape or raspberry which also contain them) are so low that no significant chemical activity could take place from the action of consuming them. Basically you could eat a whole bowl of cherries, and it will have little or no effect on your pain issues (other than perhaps the placebo). A single paracetamol tablet would be far more effective and less likely to give you a bad stomach as a result!

      Pineapple contains bromelain which does have anti-inflamatory benefits when tested on mice. Again, though this is from the processed concentrated product, not fresh from a pineapple. However, it's usefulness in arthritis "has neither been confirmed in human studies for this use, nor is it approved with a health claim for such an effect by the Food and Drug Administration or European Food Safety Authority." Bromelain would also have a side effect of increasing heart stress and anxiety, so may be a tricky drug to administer. It's got other useful non medical properties though.

      Blueberries are excellent sources of many dietary requiements, but some of the claims of them as "superfruits" (a term invented entirely by advertising executives, not nutritionists) are wildly overplayed. Blueberries will NOT fight cancer, although the phytochemicals they contain may help towards preventing it, but as yet there's no firm scientific evidence for that. Blueberries are excellent sources of anti-oxidants, but after a decade of research and endless advertising for the wonders of anti-oxidant supplements, there isn't any medical evidence that suggests ingesting antioxidants does anything at all to help you. One pharmacologist described it as expecting an anti-oxidant food to protect from the scourge of free radicals was like hiding behind a sheet of paper hoping it protects you from a gunshot.

      I've never heard of limes helping against lung cancer or lemons cleaning the liver.
      Broccoli genuinely does have anti-cancer benefits due to it's concentration of 3,3-Diindolylmethane along with sprouts and cabbage.
      Oranges are packed with vitamin C, but also so are a number of fruits on this list.
      Asparagus is a natural diuretic, but there's no scientific evidence that it actually helps UTIs. In order to check the claim I ended up having to look at **shudder** complimentary health sites. This quote is from one of those sites and is a surprising confession: "UTIs have to be promptly treated with antibiotics. Otherwise, bacteria may infect other organs or enter the blood stream. Keep in mind that asparagus does not replace and should not be used to replace any conventional drugs prescribed for urinary tract infections. It is not approved by U.S. Food and Drug Administration for any kidney or any other urinary tract infections."

      As for homemade chicken soup being an antibiotic, thats a highly contentious claim. For a start it depends entirely on who made it and with what ingredients. It could just as easily be a bowl of warm ecoli or typhoid! From what I can see of the claim, the mechanism of the soup is not antibiotic in itself, but does act to aid decongestion in colds. A Nebraska university study also said that commercial chicken soups were equally as effective.

      In all I don't want anyone to be put off eating healthily but please don't believe in miracle health benefits. The real miracle is the medical sciences that allow these investigations to take place and for us to use genuinely effective drugs beyond the wives tales and folk medicines that consistently failed to save lives for thousands of years. The pharmaceutical industry may be greedy, bureaucratic and given to claims stretching of it's own, but the astonishing leap in longevity and healthy lives in the past 100 or so years are testament to it's effectiveness.

    What is a good online health store that sells detox products and health foods?
    I'm trying to buy the candida cleanse, colon cleanse and liver cleanse......... but i also want to find diet foods like the bars and things like that....

    • ANSWER:
      I would suggest trying cleansing your body. I found cleansing to be the best weight loss program. I have ever tried. I lost 12 pounds in a week and 29 pounds in a month. I feel better since I removed the toxins from my body and shed some unwanted pounds. I did weight watchers, Jenny Craig and Medifast. I found that cleansing was the best since I saw results quickly and that kept me motivated to stick on the program. You can get info toll free at 1-877-587-4647 or online at http://diet4cleansing.tripod.com

    How to end my craving for junk food?
    I'm 14 years old and 110 pounds. How do I say no to cookies, chips, and fries?? I'm always wanting sugary and fatty foods. Dr. Oz said you need to cleanse your liver? How do I do that? Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      drink water and eat fruits, fruits always satsify a sweet tooth

    How can I do I liver cleanse without the apple/olive oil mix?
    I want to do a liver cleanse but I don't want to do that extreme apple/olive oil lemon juice mixture.

    Is there a way that I can do it with eating certain foods a certain way, slowly over time?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, there are many other ways to heal your liver, such as herbs like milk thistle or specially formulated liver supplements. Livatrex can help you painlessly pass stones like a liver flush with olive oil and lemon juice, but less dramatic.

      Also there is a liver flush that uses eggs, limes, and oil but is really mild. Some people have success with that.

      Changing your diet will help - healthy fats, cruciferous vegetables, whole grains, limiting sugar, eliminating bad fats. Karen Hurd has a protocol of eating legumes to decongest the liver. Just eating a lot of apples will help, one or two daily. The tart ones are best like Jonathan or Granny Smith.

      Daily lemon water also cleanses the liver and kidneys and is easy to add on to whatever you decide.

    After a 4 day binge with alcohol whats the best way to cleanse the liver and kidneys?
    I'm healthy. I run 5 miles a day but I just partyd way too hard for 3 days. I am looking to cleanse and flush get the toxins out and rehydrate for a big event coming up.

    • ANSWER:
      Water lots of Water

    What is a good way to cleanse your liver without pills?
    Im a powerlifter,and 18 years old. I take some supplements that help build muscle and such.Nothing Illegal.Totally over the counter like from walmart and Prosource.com.I heard that some could damage your liver if you over-take them.Im a bit of a worry freak about things,so could anyone tell me the best way to clease my liver without fish oil pills or anything?

    • ANSWER:
      LMAO your going to take methylated substances, ie prohormones. Your too young to take prohormones, and if your afraid of omega - 3 - fish oil capsules, why the hell would you consider a prohormone?

    somebody advise me to flush and cleanse my liver?
    A friend advise me to take a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice in equal proportion in the morning before breakfast to cleanse the liver. Is it wise.

    • ANSWER:

      1 gallon apple juice (freshly pressed)

      2 ounces orthophosphoric acid (Phosfood from Standard Process or Ortho phos from Nutra-Dyn)

      Enema bag and colon tube


      Epsom Salts

      Whipping cream and berries

      Olive oil



      Add one bottle (2 ounces) of orthophosphoric acid to the gallon of apple juice. Shake and refrigerate. Over the next three to five days, drink the gallon of juice (3 to 4 8-ounce glasses a day) between meals. Be sure to rinse your mouth out with baking soda and/or brush your teeth after drinking the juice to prevent the acid from damaging the teeth. Eat normally during the liver flush.

      On the day following whatever day you finish the gallon of juice, eat your normal breakfast and lunch.

      Two hours after lunch, drink 1–2 tablespoons of Epsom Salts dissolved in warm water.

      Four hours after lunch, do a one pint coffee enema.

      Five hours after lunch, drink 1 tablespoon of Epsom Salts dissolved in warm water.

      Six or seven hours after lunch, eat a dinner of heavy whipping cream and frozen or fresh berries – as much as desired.

      At bedtime, drink 1/2 cup of olive oil. A small amount of orange, grapefruit, or lemon juice may be added if desired. Immediately after drinking the oil, go to bed and lie on your right side with knees drawn up for 30 minutes. You may feel nauseated during the night. This is due to the release of stored toxins from the gallbladder and liver. This is normal and a sign that the protocol is working.

      Upon arising in the morning, do a coffee enema.

      The orthophosphoric acids helps remove calcium and lipids (fats) from the arteries and normalizes cholesterol metabolism. The phosphoric acid working with the malic acid found in apple juice dissolves and softens gallstones. The magnesium in the Epsom Salts relaxes the sphincter of the gallbladder and bile ducts, allowing for the easy passage of the softened, shrunken stones. Finally, the cream and oil cause a strong contraction of the gallbladder and liver, forcing out stored wastes, bile, and stones which easily pass into the small intestine. These wastes and stones are then excreted.

    What happens when you cleanse your liver?
    It seems like the toxins must go somewhere... where do they go? What do herbal liver support supplements actually do?

    • ANSWER:
      They are simply passed on (bathroom), or they go out through your sweat...supplements force the toxins out of your liver into your systems then out to the sewers

    What form of malic acid could I take to replace the 5 green apples per day in a liver cleanse?
    I just finished a 6 day liver cleanse eating 5 green apples per day. I have hypoglycemia and it was too much sugar for me. The malic acid is supposed to soften the gall stones. Can I get the Malic acid in another form to achieve the same softening effect?

    • ANSWER:
      yeah you can get it is magnesium malate (magnesium + malic acid). Found as Ultra Muscleze by Bioceuticals. See a naturopath for it.

    What is a liver cleanse that you have actually used?
    A doctor told me I need to do a liver cleanse. Is there one that you have actually used? How long did it take? Did you have to be close to a bathroom for more than 24 hours? I have a few weeks to figure out how to do this until I see him again.

    • ANSWER:
      No reputable doctor is going to tell a patient this off the wall treatment.

    Will doing a colon and liver cleanse reduce the effectiveness of the birth control pill?
    I'm thinking about doing a colon cleanse and then a liver cleanse, but I am taking oral contraceptives and need to know if doing either of these two things will make the pill ineffective for the time being. I don't want to get pregnant!

    • ANSWER:
      ooo. that is a really good question. maybe contact the manufacturer or call your dr?

    What is a liver cleanse that you have actually used?
    A doctor told me I need to do a liver cleanse. Is there one that you have actually used? How long did it take? Did you have to be close to a bathroom for more than 24 hours? I have a few weeks to figure out how to do this until I see him again.
    Oh, the doctor didn't say to just do one right away. It has to wait a few more weeks. I just want to know what to expect, thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      At Shoppers Drug Mart (Canadian) I did a detox of the liver colon and kidneys called triotox. its a 100% herbal cleanse and it was really easy -3 pills 3 x a day for 14 days with food and a multi vitamin. I could really feel the benefit right away. You will feel slightly sick for a while but that is because your body is adjusting to the cleanse. Drink about 8-10 glasses of water a day while on it or the cleanse will not work so great. Also I found herbal tyea to be stimuolating. I went to the bathroom a slight bit more than usual but it wasnt so bad. just one or 2 extra trips in the night.

      Good luck.

    Where will my liver gallstones come out of when i do a liver cleanse?
    I have done a colon cleanse, currently on a parasite kill, then i will jump to a liver cleanse by Dr. Hulda Clark Ph.D., N.D.
    I have heard that it hurts when guys urine gallstones, can liver stones be eliminated by the urine or by stole?

    • ANSWER:
      Gallbladder and liver excretion is through the intestines, not the bladder.

      Go ahead and do the flushes, they're completely phony therapies anyway.

      Read up on Dr. Clark while you're at it.

    Would a liver cleanse as well as a colon cleanse take away any cravings for sugar?
    I was wondering with any cleanse would it take away any cravings for junk food.

    If so I was going to do one this weekend but I would like to know health perspectives of others!

    • ANSWER:
      There is no therapeutic effect to any colon cleanse or liver cleanse regimen. This is all a marketing ploy. I am a nurse and I work in the Gastroenterology Field. Any Gastro doctor will tell you it's a waste of time and money.

    Should a skinny person go on a fast or liver cleanse diet?
    I'm currently on a liver cleanse diet to hopefully remove toxins from my body but the problem is I am skinny. I lose weight easily and by removing many foods from my diet, I feel like I will lose a lot of weight. Should I even be on this diet?

    • ANSWER:
      Cleansing has absolutely no medical benefit and is in fact harmful to the digestive tract.
      There is no "build up" of bad plaque or sludge in a normal system. If this was the case we would have people dying left and right from malnutrition since their bodies couldn't absorb nutrients.
      Since we reabsorb most of the water in our food and drink through the large intestine, If it was coated with "mucoid plaque", we would all be sloshing around like sponges yes?
      We "cleanse and detox" 24 hours a day through respiration, sweat, liver, and kidneys.
      We can help by eating a healthy diet with minimal added sugar and salt. Lots of fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grain foods, beans, peas, and brown rice keep a system as healthy as it can be.
      Minimal alcohol, caffeine, soda.
      Read food labels. If you can't pronounce it, don't put it in your body.
      Cleanses actually flush out the beneficial bacteria and enzymes in the digestive system.
      A high fiber diet works every time.
      Spend your money in the produce department instead of giving it away.

    Can any one advise me on a good vitamin, herb or food for detoxing your liver?
    There are so many different kinds of supplements out there but what brand is the best? What should you look for on the label? Is there any kind of food that cleanses your liver, colon, arteries?

    • ANSWER:
      The best herb for the liver is milk thistle. It's absolutely amazing. It is the only known antidote for amanita mushroom poisoning (the poison basically liquefies your liver.) Many herbalists recommend taking it along with turmeric, which also has hepatic (liver) protecting qualities.

      As far as food to clean various parts of your body, artichoke shows promise in the liver, a high-fiber diet (with whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables) is best for the colon and arteries.

      If you get a milk thistle or milk thistle/turmeric herbal supplement, make sure the label says the capsules are standardized. This means that each capsule has the same amount of the active ingredients, as opposed to the average of the capsules in the bottle being at the recomended dosage.

      You should avoid acetaminophen (tylenol) and alcohol when detoxifying your liver, as well.

      Good luck!

    What is the best full body cleanse recipe?
    Do they really work? A friend has recommended Hulda Clarks Liver cleanse. The problem is I am 30 to 40 pounds over weight. (was 65 pounds). I lost 25 pretty quick now I am 'stuck'. I walk 2 miles a day fast, I do a 35 minute work out. I eat like a bird. Lots of salad, little to no carbs. Haven't lost an ounce in weeks! I feel better but I want the pounds OFF. My friend says a body cleanse might help kick the weight loss back into gear? I am 44, 5.6 and weigh 193. I need to get at least 30 more pounds off to feel comfortable. Will a body cleanse help?
    I tried a body cleanse from the health store and I noticed NO difference in anything.It was called 'Total Body rapid cleanse by Renew Life. Was a waste of money from what I can tell.

    • ANSWER:
      It is very normal to plateau during stages of weight loss, and very disheartening! Just keep up your commitment. Things that help include lemon juice in warm-hot water every morning (like a shower on the inside) - for the first week just have one large glass of hot water with the juice of up to half a lemon (or lime - not orange) first thing. then if you can, go for a walk. Follow with a vegetable juice, preferably carrot, parsley and celery. then have a good breakfast with some protein, but no processed foods. Eat fresh fruit and veg, preferably no meat, but some fish is OK. Definitely no chicken (growth additives to their food make it hard to lose weight if you eat chicken). Cut out dairy. Nuts and green veg will provide the calcium you need. Eat enough to satisfy you, but don't eat if you are not hungry. It is important to eat enough so that your body doesn't go into "starvation mode" and store everything, ie keep up your metabolic rate.

      Before meals have a large teaspoon of psyllium husks mixed in water - the psyllium acts like a broom through the gut, and also fills you so that you won't eat so much.

      From the second week on, start each day with two large glasses of warm water and lemon juice. (2 glasses the first week can make the cleansing process too fast, resulting in headaches and a feeling of nausea)

      As a general rule: breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper - what you eat at night you tend to store on the hips, but starving yourself just makes it easier to gain weight.

      Make sure you drink lots of water!!!! Add some lemon juice to help make it more palatable if you want.

      Before going to bed each night, spend 5 minutes imagining yourself slim, trim and terrific!

      Well done for getting as far as you have, and good luck with the remaining weight loss. Keep healthy and happy with who you are.

      I hope these tips help and wish you all the best.

    Where will my liver gallstones come out of when i do a liver cleanse?
    I have done a colon cleanse, currently on a parasite kill, then i will jump to a liver cleanse by Dr. Hulda Clark Ph.D., N.D.
    I have heard that it hurts when guys urine gallstones, can liver stones be eliminated by the urine or by stole?

    • ANSWER:
      No, you cannot flush gallstones at all. Those are ingredients for a salad dressing.

      If it were that easy, don't you believe that American insurance companies would force patients to use that inexpensive cure instead of going through costly medical surgery? Guess what: there are no peer-reviewed medical studies to show the efficacy of gallstone flushing. It doesn't work!

      Cholecystectomy and ERCP are the only cures for gallstones. They are relatively safe and effective where called for. Some people can survive their entire lives with gallstones. It all depends upon your individual situation and diet.

      See a real medical professional for proper advice.

      I am a survivor of many medical procedures, including cholecycstectomy (gallbladder removal) and endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography or ERCP for short.


    Can anyone provide me simple and effective colon & liver cleanse recipe please?
    Hi there,
    I am thinking to do a liver cleanse 1st time in my 24 years of my life.After reading a lot of articles,I have learnt that it it is ideal to perform a colon cleanse before doing a liver cleanse.I am hoping that it will be help me in lose weight and also help me with my acne problems.I would really appreciate it if anyone have a simple and effective homemade recipe.Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      The best way to detox is to get hold of a liver. Oh, you have one? Great.
      Now just stand there and let it detoxify your body. Partner it with some kidneys and you've got the most efficient body detox system known to man.
      And you don't even have to wait for it to come in the mail, or give a credit card number!
      There is no build up of bad plaque, toxins, or sludge in a normal, reasonably healthy system.
      If this was the case we would have people dying left and right from malnutrition since their small intestines couldn't absorb nutrients.
      The majority of the water from food and what we drink is reabsorbed through the colon, if our colons were clogged we would all be walking around looking like sponges right?
      Detoxing is ridding the system - liver, kidneys, and intestines of toxins both internal and environmental. Our liver and kidneys aren't clogged with toxins. Otherwise we would be dead.
      The liver does in fact get layered with fat if we become overweight.
      We "cleanse and detox" naturally 24 hours a day through respiration, sweat, liver, kidneys, urine, and feces.
      We can help by eating a healthy diet with minimal added sugar and salt.
      Lots of fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grain foods, lean meat cuts, fresh fish, beans, peas, brown rice, raw nuts, and barley keep a system as healthy and as clean as it can be.
      Minimal alcohol, caffeine, soda.
      Read food labels. If you can't pronounce it, don't put it in your body.
      A healthy high fiber diet works every time. Increases the speed and efficiency of the digestive system and helps the body rid itself of both internal and environmental toxins.
      Cleanses actually flush out the beneficial bacteria and enzymes in the digestive system.
      Search "gut flora" to learn about the beneficial bacteria we need in our colon.
      We have more beneficial bacteria in our digestive systems than all the cells in our bodies!
      Did you know the digestive system is one of the largest contributors to our immune system?
      Spend your money in the produce department to speed your detox.
      A healthy diet will also help the acne.
      Good luck and good health.

    Have any one ever use colon cleasne products and liver cleanse products?
    If you have did they work for you. After taking these supplements did you get more energy and feel better. Did it help you go to the bathroom more often.

    I am just wondering because I have just started taking a colon cleanse supplement, a liver cleanse supplement and a daily once a day woman vitamin and vitamin c. And it seems to be helping me. I feel better and not all sluggish, I have energy. I feel like my overall health is improving.

    • ANSWER:
      I have done both types of cleanses. i used oxy powder and livatrex. I started using the products three years ago and still continue using them today. by cleansing my liver i was able to help my metabolism and in turn lost allot of weight in the process along with changes in my diet and exercise. I also was able to get over the hump of depression with in turn gave me the motivation i needed to follow through with my new found lifestyle. a good book to read is health begins in the colon. in case you are wondering how much weight i lost i started at 265 and now am at 145.

    What order should I cleanse parasites, candida and liver in?
    I ordered parasite and worm caplets, probiotic flora and a liver supplement. They may not be the best available out there, but which order should I use them in? I was thinking parasite, then liver, then probiotic. Make sense or no?

    • ANSWER:
      Hi *,

      I personally did liver first since our liver and it is one of the most powerful procedures you can do to enhance your body's performance. It can significantly improve digestion, enzyme levels, a fatty liver, cirrhosis and energy. Then I would move to parasite and probiotics.

    How to cleanse my body in a natural and fast way?
    I want to know what's the best way to CLEANSE or DETOX my body (all organs). I'm going through vigorous training, so I need to eat, that's why the faster the method, the better. I was going to try the "Master Cleanse" but it's a 10 day fast and I don't now if I can do it...My goal is to reset my body, have everything clean to where all my nutrients are being absorbed properly, and processed well. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Take psyllium husk and coconut oil before every meal. This is a very gentle but effective colon cleanse. The psyllium husk is pure fibre and will 'scrub' the inside walls of your digestive tract. The coconut oil lubricates everything so foods passes through more easily and is also antibacterial and antifungal so it cleans. Also regularly eat foods that are high in Probiotics. I like kefir (strawberry flavour tastes like a fruit smoothie!) But yogurt and fermented vegetables are also good sources. Good bacteria helps you digest better

      Drink bitter teas after each meal. This may not sound pleasant but bitter foods stimulate your liver and help strengthen it so it works better. Look for ingredients like dandelion, burdock, milk thistle, licorise, cinnamon, etc. Don't take capsules, they are way less effective

      Drink lots of water, this flushes out your urinary tract (kidneys, etc). If your tap water has fluoride added, drink bottled instead. Fluoride is a chemical that is not good for you! If your water is fluoride-free but contains chlorine, boil it or leave it out overnight. The chlorine will evaporate and leave your water clean but chemical free

      And obviously, if you really want to detox, you should avoid putting more 'toxins' in your body. This means you should avoid all drugs (including pain killers, cold meds, etc), alcohol, caffeine, and processed foods

    what kind of liver cleanse herb can i use if i'm allergic to ragweed?
    I know that some common herbs like burdock and milk thistle are used for a liver cleanse,but should not be used if you're allergic to ragweed.Are there any alternatives?

    • ANSWER:
      In traditional Eastern European herbal medicine, nettle has been often used in liver cleansing mixtures. You can actually use nettle tea alone, or you can make a herbal mixture by using 20 parts of nettle leaves, 20 parts of taraxacum, 10 parts of horsetail, 5 parts of silver birch leaves and 5 parts of dog rose hips.

      I don't know if all of these plants are available where you live, but you can always stick with nettle.

      Hope that helped, cheers!

    How do I lower my total bilirubin level without the use of medication?
    I recently had a physical, and the results are that my liver panel is too high. According to the laboratory results, my total bilirubin is 1.3. My bilirubin level needs to be within "normal" limits because I am in the process of applying for a position in law enforcement.

    I have 15 days to get rechecked by a doctor and submit my paperwork. How would I get my bilirubin level down to normal limits without the use of over the counter medicines and prescription drugs? I prefer holistic methods, such as the use of total body cleanses. Would a liver cleanse work?

    Thanks to all who answer.

    • ANSWER:
      dear friend
      I used olive oil to lower my bilirubin level. 1 spoonful olive oil every 6 hrs. Ofcourse you can get "milk thisle" extract which does the same effect.

    How to get my liver cleansed?
    I want to get my liver clean because i have a tendency to get red blood cells stuck in there.. According to my doctor.

    Anyone have any easy cleaning techniques?

    • ANSWER:
      If this is the diagnosis your Doctor gave you,then he should have given you a reason why. Also further investigations to see if your liver is enlarged or showing signs of deterioration. I have never heard of this diagnosis before, Though any sign of liver malfunction is serious. Therefore see your Doctor again and ask him to explain exactly the cause of your problem, and what you need do to correct it.

    What is your take on eating a cup of brown rice a day during the master cleanse?
    My dietitian told me to do the Master Cleanse for three days to jump start my diet and also said that it would be good to eat a cup of brown rice at night to help with blood sugar problems. I have looked for info on this all over the internet and haven't found that anybody else is concerned with this also. Your thoughts?

    • ANSWER:
      I would get a new dietitian. Is this person a member of the American Dietetic Association?
      Our bodies contain the #1 tools essential to cleanse and detox. A liver and a pair of kidneys.
      The only and easiest way to cleanse and detox is to stop putting all the chemicals, additives and concentrates from a diet of processed and refined foods in our daily diet.
      Most drugs, alcohol, and food chemicals exit the body through normal processing and filtering by the liver and kidneys over a period of 3 to 4 days.
      A healthy diet of whole fresh foods is the key to "cleansing" and "detoxing".
      There is no miracle diet or product that will accelerate the process.
      Our bodies are designed starting with the teeth to consume whole solid foods. The stomach, pancreas, gallbladder, intestines, and colon are all designed to work with solid foods, not highly concentrated juices. That is why we have teeth instead of blender blades in our mouths.
      Both soluble and insoluble fiber are part of a healthy diet. Juicing substantially reduces the value and effectiveness of insoluble fiber. Insoluble fiber keeps the nutrients and toxic cellular waste dumped back into the lower small intestine moving through the digestive tract. This reduces the amount of time waste spends in the body and lowers toxicity.
      While juicing concentrates nutrients, it also concentrates natural sugars in fruits. Liquids are absorbed much quicker in the small intestines resulting in spiking of blood sugar and insulin levels in the blood.
      WIthout complex carbohydrates and large insoluble fibers in the digestive system to extend and slow the absorption process, insulin spikes occur too often. A simple example is giving a diabetic with low blood sugar a glass of juice. It enters the bloodstream quickly. Constant insulin spikes increase appetite stimulation. So you can end up drinking even more juice. The problem with any fast or cleanse is things will change when it ends.
      A healthy life diet of whole fresh foods including lean meats, eggs, fish, dairy, whole grains, fresh fruits, and vegetables are the keys to health, proper weight, and overall wellness. Avoid as much processed and refined food as possible.
      Long I know but it is important to point out the change to a clean diet is the key yet we readily give the credit to the pill, potion, diet pill, detox, cleanse, or fad diet.
      Good luck and good health.

    When is it bad to do a liver cleanse?
    I know a fellow that intends to quit drinking in the New Year.I think he should wait a month or two before doing the cleanse.He thinks the sooner the better.He has 18-20 beers nightly. I believe he should heal a little first. I welcome your opinions.Merry Christmas to all.

    • ANSWER:
      Baa-Baa is right regarding the liver cleanse... His liver will cleanse itself if he can just quit tormenting it.

      What is very important is, that he taper down a bit before going cold turkey. Going from 20 drinks a day to zero all at once is very dangerous if it isn't done with medication. Benzo's, Librium, Valium, Xanax etc will greatly reduce the trauma of quitting. Doctors are wary about prescribing these meds to someone who admits he is still drinking, but if you go with him to his doctor and promise you will only allow him to take these meds if he is sober, the doc may agree to give him some.

      Without Benzo's, he must taper back for a period of about a week if he doesn't want to risk seizures and possible death. Get some non-alcoholic beer and let him start on this during the day or early evening. Allow him only 12 light beers per night for 2 days or so; then 8, then 6. Once he's down to 6 light beers per night for a few days, it's probably safe to make the jump to sobriety.

      He should be taking vitamin B-Complex, before, during, and after his reduction/quitting. This can prevent some of the more dangerous effects of withdrawal. If he becomes very ill, or acts strangely during this process, he must be seen by a doctor at once.

      Good Luck & GodSpeed to you both!

    What is a good / safe cleanse for bowel and / or liver?
    I want to do a simple, safe bowel and / or liver cleanse but I need one that is safe to while on a beta-blocker for HBP. Any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      Research the hundreds of products like that on the market at an unbiased source like NutritionalTree.com. They do not sell anything but do review many products. Also, read their Supplement Buying Guide. http://www.nutritionaltree.com/guide/buying_guide.aspx

    is there any food you can eat to cleanse your liver?
    I am on several meds, and would like to eat some foods that will help my liver detox naturally...Any suggestions?
    I wanted to stay away from herbs if possible. Any WHOLE FOODS I can add to my diet?

    • ANSWER:
      milk thistle herb..www.healingfoodreference.com and supplementreference.com look up www.wellnessresources.com they have some great stuff...

    Does anybody Know how to do a real liver cleanse ?
    I had my gallbladder removed about 2 months ago. I really would like to do a liver cleanse or diet. I want something effective, that will not harm me in any way. If anyone could help I would be very thank full .

    • ANSWER:
      There is no such thing as a "liver cleanse." The body is excellent at keeping itself clean on the inside.

      Drink a glass of water, and be thankful that some people take science classes and know that such cleansing is nonsense.

    I want to begin a colon cleansing program, do I need to stay home to do this?
    I have very large uterine fibroids. I want to begin a program where I will cleanse out my colon, liver and kidneys. I want to start the colon cleanse first but am afraid that I will be stuck on the toilet. I am starting a new job tomorrow and can't be stuck on the toilet with the runs. Is this the way a colon cleanse works? Please help.

    • ANSWER:
      Hello Caramel Deluxe,

      I suggest you take natural supplements to cleanse your colon. being in the proper shape and having a healthy digestive system is something you would desire especially in your first day of work.

      as a herbalist myself. i am using Bowtrol Colon Cleanser product. its all natural herbal colon cleansing treatment and thus far, i loved it. Bowtrol is also designed for people suffering from constipation and maximizes colon health.

      if you want to know more about Bowtrol Colon Cleanser product, check in the source below.

      Wish you Good Health Always.

    How can I do a 1 day effective simple cleanse of my liver. I am overweight I need to give my body a break.?
    A simple cleanse that I can do even while at work.

    • ANSWER:
      for liver cleanse try boiling a few artichokes and drink the water it smells bad and tastes bad but it's used to cleanse your liver, and you can also eat the artichoke.

    Will doing a colon and liver cleanse reduce the effectiveness of the birth control pill?
    I'm thinking about doing a colon cleanse and then a liver cleanse, but I am taking oral contraceptives and need to know if doing either of these two things will make the pill ineffective for the time being. I don't want to get pregnant!

    • ANSWER:
      I would think a colon cleanse might affect the pill. They say if you get diarrhea for an extended period of time to use a backup method of birth control. And a colon cleanse probably messes up your electrolytes and flushes your system like diarrhea would. I don't know what the liver cleanse is, so I can't answer that one for you. But, a little word of advice: you don't need to do all those "cleansing" things if you're eating right and exercising. Your body is pretty good at getting rid of "toxins" all by itself, and some of those cleansing procedures can really screw up your electrolytes. Just be careful.

can you cleanse your liver