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Ionic Detox Footbath

Detoxing is a natural process your body goes through that gets rid of debris known as toxins. Under normal conditions our bodies are designed to eliminate these toxins through the liver, kidneys, lymphatic system, skin etc.

There are many reasons why detoxing is so important in this day and age. There is the problem of our chemical environment due to pollutants in our air and water supply plus the majority of our food is grown with pesticides in an effort to reduce insect and bacterial infestation in order to produce a higher yield. One only needs to go down any grocery aisle and read labels to realize just how many dyes and preservatives we eat on a daily basis.

If you take a step back in time (even only 30 to 40 years) you would realize how different we ate back then. If you didnt grow your own organic food you would probably have gone to your butcher on a daily basis and purchased fresh hormone free meat and then would have gone to the market to purchase fresh organic produce. The word organic was probably not something you would have associated with food back then.

The very air we breath constantly is somewhat polluted. We drink high fructose drinks, lots of canned goods and an incredible amount of sodium. Im not saying never to eat this way because we all like to indulge now and again but if you eat a normal American diet high in salt, sugar and preservatives and canned goods, then you may be doing a disservice to your self because you may feel full but be severely lacking in nutrients.

There are various things you can do to undo toxicity. Liver and kidney cleanses are great but if you are not inclined to do these then there are other solutions such as taking a hot bath for a half hour or sweat out toxins in a sauna. If you do, then make sure you have eaten well and drink as many as 8 glasses of water so your blood sugar does not drop and that you stay well hydrated. Not only do you lose toxins this way but you also lose water, salt and potassium that can make you feel light headed.

There are some great herbal teas that you can drink on a regular basis that also gently cleanse the body, hydrates you, has antioxidant properties and help flush out toxins. It is a warm and refreshing way to relax and do the body good.

Juicing fruits and vegetables is a fantastic way of getting more nutrients in the body because you are maintaining the integrity of the nutrients. If you are putting vegetables in a pot to boil, then you will have nutrient loss. This is called bleaching and all the goodness goes into the water. If you over cook food and then throw out the water, then your nutrients just went down the drain and you are ingesting the remaining bleached husk. Raw or juiced is the way to go!

Because we have nutrient deficient soil it is advisable to take supplements that bolster your immune system such as Q-10, Vitamins A, D, E, C and B vitamins. Trace minerals and electrolytes are necessary to keep our systems in shape. Avoid sport drinks that are high in sugar but instead get good quality electrolytes from a health food store. If nothing else, then at least get a good multi vitamin to take every day.

Some herbs that are great for detoxifying and building the immune system are garlic, ginger, alfalfa and chlorella. Garlic especially is a useful herb not only for detoxing but it helps to lower blood pressure, aids in circulation, protects against inflammation and assists in almost all major organs like the heart, lungs, kidneys etc. It is one of natures perfect foods. Chlorella is an edible green algae that also has just about everything you need such as protein, vitamins E, C and all the B vitamins, especially B12, beta carotene and trace minerals. It is an excellent blood cleanser and whole food. It doesnt get much better than that! Most health food stores will carry all of these herbs.

Its nearly impossible to be completely free of all pollutants in our environment but anything you can do to relieve your body of toxic build up and undernourishment should be beneficial to your health.

I hope this helps!

"Nothing in this article makes any claim to offer cures or treatment of any disease or illness. If you are sick please consult with your doctor."

ionic detox footbath

Ionic Foot Bath

The rejuvenating wonders of bathing the feet is a practice that the Japanese people religiously started. They believe that soaking the feet in hot springs energizes the body because of the ionized minerals in the water. Eventually, they associated the use of herbs, fruits and vegetables in their foot bath to give more therapeutic effects. Since then, foot bath, also called foot spa, has become one of the most popular treatments people go for in spas and massage clinics.Today's diet has become more toxic rather than natural, worsened by the pollution in the environment that heightens the risk of contracting deadly viruses and bacteria even more. Studies prove that considerable amount of toxins must be taken out to balance the pH and increase the energy levels in the body. Detoxification has then become a household name for cleansing mostly done for the colon and kidneys. However, it is also found that our feet are connected to all our vital organs, which are the targeted areas during the detoxification process.There are about 2,000 pores and over 7,000 nerve endings at the soles of our foot. The pores of our skin are part of the system that excretes toxins and waste materials our body does not use. This makes the feet the most convenient area to apply detoxification procedures; hence, giving birth to ionic foot baths.Ionic foot baths ionize the water through a simple process of electrolysis. This process makes the molecules of water become negatively charged to attract the positively charged toxins in the body. This chemical reaction is permeated into the water through osmosis and the open pores of our feet, flushing the toxins out of the body. Small waste particles such as salts, heavy metals, fat and cholesterol may be excreted during this process.There are no known risks in using ionic foot baths, except for the comfort and relaxation they give. It is even the quickest way to detoxify. Foot bath detox sessions last about 20 to 30 minutes in the comfort of your chair while feet are soaked in warm ionized water.Many people claim tons of health benefits through ionic foot baths, which are considerably true to its therapeutic and energy-giving effects. Testimonies prove that this manner of detoxification neutralize free radicals and alleviate health conditions such as asthma, allergies, chronic fatigue, migraines, neck and muscle pains, yeast infection, toxemia, arthritis, rheumatism, heavy metal residues among many others.Learning more about pH balance, alkalinity and free radicals in the body would give you better understanding about the process of detoxification and ionization, which an ionic foot bath machine can really do for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Is It Okay To Do An Ionic Body Cleanse When Your Pregnant?
    I have heard about Ionic Foot baths/Body Cleanse and would like to try one. I just quit smoking a few days ago and I am pregnant. Is it ok to get an ionic body cleanse or foot bath when your pregnant?
    Nevermind, I just did some more research and found out that it is a total scam. I won't be doing this at all. I'll spend my money on a nice massage or something that will actually help me.

    • ANSWER:
      Ionic cleansing is only considered worthwhile by alt med fanatics who cannot distinguish BS from reality. It's good that you recognized that fact before you wasted any money on this crap.

    How long is a size 13 man's foot in inches?
    I am making an ionic foot bath, for detox, as a surprise for my husband. My box is 18X12 inches. I need to know which way to put the equipment, for my husband's size 13 feet to fit in the box. So, I need to know how long a size 13 man's foot is, not a size 13 shoe. I can't measure his foot, or he will be suspicious. ;D

    • ANSWER:
      Size 13 = 11.69 inches

      You can find the chart here:

    Does an ionic cleansing bath actually rid a substantial amount of toxins from the body?
    I had an ionic cleansing foot bath today and was surprised with the dramatic discolouring of the water. I found out later that the water will turn colour no matter what. Is the ionic cleansing foot bath a scientifically proven method of removing a substantial amound of toxins from the body?

    • ANSWER:
      No, The ionic cleansing foot bath is not a scientifically proven method of removing toxins. Different manufactures of this device will have many documents claming the effectiveness of their device but none are even remotely proven scientifically. You are right the color changes on the divice no matter what and you are not sucking toxins out of your body. It comes down to simple placebo effect for people and if they get some relief. Our skin is a fantastic barrier to the outside would and it keeps the smallest of things from getting in or out of our body. Toxins do not leave our body through the skin and into this magic Ionic cleansing foot bath. To explain this whole topic is vast and you would not want to hear it but here it is in a condensed form. Our skin barrier will not let even the smallest of things "viruses" pass through either in or out of our skin. We don't get sick because a virus passes through the skin on our hand, we get sick when we don't wash our hands and put the viruses on it up to our eyes, nose or mouth which we can then let the virus inside our body. So if you can not even get this incredibly small virus through the skin you are not going to get the comparatively large heavy metals and complex large molecule like cholesterol through the skin as they claim. Bunch of bull.

    can anyone tell me about natural ionic changes on earth?
    which ones are positive and negative?

    i heard wind and water have an extra positive and fire has an extra negative one? true?

    ionic foot bath?

    • ANSWER:
      sorry, I was out for a while, my dear friend, Ionic is involved in many industries, however the natural ionic is involved in weather changes or climatic changes in aspects of the oceans, enviroment etc... is a rather new "technology" and I am sure that many people is involved in the full studies of who, when and what....

      here is something that you can use for what Ionic is... once you know that, maybe you will be able to understand the process...

      here is from the following:
      International Journal of Ionics -
      The Science and Technology of Ionic Motion

      Ionics is a presently emerging key technology which will have a tremendous impact on many aspects of our life, environment and economy. The changes will be at least similar to electronics. The fields of application will be energy storage by new types of high-performance batteries, efficient energy conversion by fuel cells, generation for hydrogen fuel by electrolysis, chemical sensors, solar cells, electrochromic windows or displays and many others. Fast solid ionic conductors are presently providing new opportunities in view of several advantages, in addition to conventional liquid electrolytes.

      The journal IONICS supports the development of ionics by fast publication of scientific and technological results at an affordable price for all libraries and even individuals.

      Ionics is an interdisciplinary field of physics, chemistry, materials science, engineering and other areas, e.g., biology. It has not yet established its own discipline and is rarely organized as topic of teaching. The journal will contribute to the visibility of ionics. A strong interaction between fundamental scientific understanding and technological aspects is necessary. ee the link is the Ionics Institute,


      However, is a new type of industry, no to much is known unless you are firmly involved in chemistry, physics and enviroment and its changes, Ionic is also used in the process of water purification, like osmosis, ... I wish I could help you more... Good luck Carebear!!!

      Your friend,


    Has anyone ever used and ionic foot bath to detox their body?
    I want to do this soon and I was just curious if anyone who did this felt different after.

    There is an "ion magnet" placed in a foot soak with your feet and allegedly it pulls out toxins into the water and your left with a nasty brown liquid...
    Funny that you say that Mc booger man, i'm getting a colonic in august. FUN!!

    • ANSWER:
      They are a total scam and have been thoroughly debunked. See: http://www.devicewatch.org/reports/aquadetox.shtml

      Moreover, 'Detox' has no meaning outside of the clinical treatment of drug addiction and poisoning. Your body gets rid of unwanted substances via the liver and kidneys and you can't improve upon that without medical assistance.

      There is absolutely no health benefit in colon cleansing either. Your colon is clean. From wiki (and check the sources):

      "No scientific evidence supports the alleged benefits of colon cleansing.[3] The bowel itself is not dirty and barring drugs, disease or mechanical blockage, cleans itself naturally without assistance.[4]"

      "The human body naturally removes waste material, and colon cleansing is not necessary except preparatory to a colonoscopy.[4][14] Colon cleansing may disrupt the balance between bacteria and natural chemicals in the bowel, and may interfere with the colon's ability to shed dead cells.[15]"

      'Detox' started as a scam to sell bogus products, it has since developed into a naturopathic fad. Forget about it.

    who should avoid ionic foot bath?
    I am confused , is i have to go for ionic foot bath or not actually my skin is allergic

    • ANSWER:
      Anyone who doesn't want to be scammed and ripped off.

      These foot baths are, as james says, nonsense.

      A current passed through the water and some salts result in a lot of brown sludge, supposedly 'toxins' from your body

      This was famously debunked by Ben Goldacre in his book Bad Science; he popped a Barbie doll's feet into the detox bath for the required amount of time - same result as when a person does it - brown sludge. One thoroughly detoxed Barbie.


    How can I find a place that does ionic foot baths?
    I do not want to buy a home machine. I want to go to a spa, salon, wellness center, or something of that sort. However, I want it close to where I live (Rancho Cucamonga, CA).

    • ANSWER:
      yahoo yellow pages

    thinking of buying an ionic foot bath machine as I heard it detoxifies and helps gout. I have read the water?
    change color happens regardless of it one's feet are in the water but that a sticky residue indicates machine is working as it is not there when feet are not present.

    But what I want to know is has anyone tried it and felt physical results or improvement? Even if it is a placebo effect..hey if it works...

    2.also want to know do they require additional parts and equipment. I saw some cheaper ones on ebay but I am not sure if the brand matters that much.

    Please answer these two questions...does it works or did it for you as far as feeling better in anyway and how did it help you and2. do they require additional parts and equipment to keep using it and does brand matter much.

    • ANSWER:
      I have used it as recommended by the manufacturer, a 30-minute session with interval of 3 days for 14 sessions. Yes, it works because the color of the water went from almost black to light orange towards the last 2 sessions, showing that "toxins" had been extracted out of my body during these sessions . Depending on the manufacturer, the "active" element is good for 20 to 40 30-minute sessions after which, you need to replace it with a "new" element. I cannot comment on brands only that I used two (2) different units but the results were similar. I hope it works for you too.

    What is the substance in the de-tox foot pads that detoxifies your body and turns the pads dark?
    Does it really work? I saw something on a TV show that had a lady soaking her feet in a tub of water with something added to detox her body and it turned the water black after about 30 minutes. Snake Oil???? Or really possible?

    • ANSWER:
      They are a scam. There is tea hidden in the white pad. Water trapped by sweaty feet turns the pad brown. The FDA just released a warning about the safety of the substances found in some recently imported pads.

      The foot bath is comprised of metal that rusts when it comes in contact with ionic/charged water. It is also a scam.

    Has anybody tried those ionic foot baths? If you have please tell me your experience.?
    Did you go somewhere special (like a Chinese Dr. ) for it; or a spa; or did you buy it. If you have also used the ionic foot patches, could you please tell me how the ionic foot bath compares to it? Thanks....and good health to ya all.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes I have. It is quite fun really taking an ionic foot bath. You get to see what colour the bathwater change to.

      I have not tried on an ionic foot patch....sorry I can't make the comparison.

    Ion cleanser foot baths. Any evidence about whether they actually work, and what the black tarry stuff is?
    Does anyone know of any reliable scientific evidence or reports? I have tried them and seen that they produce a lot of a black tarry substance. Has there been any testing of what that type of substance really is? Cheers.

    • ANSWER:
      I think I have answered this question at least 5 times on answers. This is pure garbage period, no mistake. It is simply two electrodes of different metals placed in a conductive solution of salt water. When you pass a small electrical current between the electrodes in this conductive water there is an ionic exchange of metals in the water. This is simply electroplating. The gunk in the water are dissolved metals. So you are actually soaking your feet in a salt solution with dissolved metal ions in it, nasty. You are actually immersing your feet into a toxic soup, so you are toxifing not detoxifying. Toxins do not come out you feet, hands, face or any body part. Save your money.

    Foot bath detox and blood pressure medication?
    is it safe to do an ion foot bath detox while on blood pressure medication? I know always consult a doctor but just wanted to ask. Thanks so much!!!

    • ANSWER:
      It wouldn't matter one way or the other.
      The ionic footbath does nothing and I see that several of the companies that used to market it have gone bust.

      You can read what a scam it is/was on the links

    Anyone know the similarities between ionic foot detox and chelation therapy?
    I wonder if either or both are a hoax.

    • ANSWER:
      Both help remove impurities from the body. Chelation can be either oral (herbals) or through IV therapy (that one scares me). Herbal chelation worked great for my Dad. You really need to consult a good herbalist who can guide you in selecting the appropriate supplements for you.

      I know two people who have purchased ionic foot baths. One had to use hers ten times before the water was clear after her treatment. She said all her liver spots disappeared. The other person has only used hers a couple of times, but she seems quite pleased with it. It is my feeling that this is a safe, effective detox therapy.

      I would caution you, though, that more is not always better in either case. If you have other questions, please feel free to email me.

    What are the best type or brand of Detox foot pads on the market?
    Supposedly they are widely used in Japan and Japanese brand are the best. On line there are many brands and types, gold, silver, green tea(?) and they are very diverse in the pricing.Shuli pads are expensive and there are some on TV that are less money. Please , if you are in the health care profession and are experienced tell me if they do detoxify safely and which are the best. Many thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      They are a scam. There is tea hidden in the white pad. Water trapped by sweaty feet turns the pad brown. The FDA just released a warning about the safety of the substances found in some recently imported pads.

      The foot bath is comprised of metal that rusts when it comes in contact with ionic/charged water. It is also a scam.

      There is no medical research from Asia supporting these claims (as they report on the tv ads). It's a scam in Asia too!

    Has anyone tried those detox pads you put on your feet at night? Do they actually work?
    How do they work? Did they work?

    I always wondered if they did anything or if they were made to turn black after a while or what!

    • ANSWER:
      I use them once in a while - they are really gross when you wake up - all black and stuff - I used it on my knee too - and it seemed to work, but i dont know if it was like a plecebo effect or not. I got an ionic foot bath one time and that really made me feel like i detoxed I felt clean and energized the whole day!

    Does detox really work or is it sum bs that smoke shops sell?
    Does it really work to clear ur system of thc?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, It really works but sometimes you have to be patient. It can't be achieved over night. It may takes weeks, months or so. It depends on how you the direction. If you follow the direction correctly then the effect will be fast. An ionic foot bath flush the toxins through perspiration and urination. Which I think of the easiest way to detoxify.

    Does Ionic Foot Bath Detox work or is it a Hoax?
    There are lots of new stories about this Ion Foot Bath Cleanse or Detox process and the jury is out on whether they work or not. Opinions aside I need answers with good links for more research before I stick my feet in electrically charged water regardless of voltage.

    • ANSWER:
      This question has been asked many times and it seems no-one has any scientific proof to show. Any study that I've ever seen is from the manufacturer and everyone knows how you can trust someone who has a profit to make. As a chemist I can explain the process of electrolysis and how the colors you see in the bath and simply the metal electrodes sloughing off some of the metal into the water and complexing with the salts (hard water, added salts or even salts you are bringing in with your feet), but I don't have a full INDEPENDENT study of the process. I haven't found one of the web either. I know it's a SCAM as a scientist, but I wish I had more "real" proof. You'll always get the Holistic wacko's that will wave their hands and quote some half ass marketing brochure.

    Have you ever used an Ionic Foot bath?
    What do you think of it?
    What color was the water?

    • ANSWER:
      No, because they are a scam. Read all about it here: http://www.devicewatch.org/reports/aquadetox.shtml

    When a person "detoxifies" in a steam bath or uses an ionic foot bath what specific toxins come out through...
    the skin? When they measure what is in the sweat or in the footbath emperically what do the lab studies reveal?

    • ANSWER:
      Not much, They are both snake oil. They give real alternative medicine a bad name.

    Have you ever had an ionic foot bath?
    I am looking for a place in the DC area that you can get them. Can you help me?

    • ANSWER:
      There used to be a place near Sperryville (maybe 60 or so miles from DC) called the Inn at Thistle Hill. It's on route 522 just outside of Culpeper. It's been a while since I was there but I had this foot bath thing done where the water turned colors as it pulled toxins out through my feet. Not sure if this is exactly what you were looking for. Let me know if this is what it is called.

    where can I find foot ionizer for sale on e-bay?
    used to remove or draw toxins from your body thru you foot/by water and current-=similar to a foot bath but to get your body back in balance. used in therapists offices.

    • ANSWER:
      you would find a product like that most likely in health and beauty section mostly... if you search under foot ionizer spa, it pulls things up.. you can try all sorts of searches though to narrow it downto what you want.....

      here is a link to the ones up on ebay:


      I am really not sure what an ionizer is.. except in the descriptions I came across just now it is also refered to as a "detox" so I did a search on amazon for foot detox... there are other products that appear to work with and without a foot soak/massage also item number 13 I did not notice but is an ionic foot bath spa...


      this one is amazon as well..ionic foot bath spa was the search:


      search results from ebay using ionic foot bath spa came up with a LOT more than the first search:


      hope one of these links leads you to the spa treatment you are looking for!
      good luck

    ionic foot bath?
    has anyone had a ionic foot bath and did you get any major results and i was also told that they really dont take out that much toxins from your body

    • ANSWER:
      Don't waste your time or money, this is pure crap. What this thing is is simply a galvanic reaction. First you need water that conducts an electrical current, so say table salt is added or pure tap water can be used but not distilled water. Second you need two different metals for the electrodes, and third a small current passing through the electrodes and the water. What will happen is a electroplating will occur because of the different metals, kind of what happens in a battery and the metals will leach into the water turning it colors. The colors depends on the metals used. This is all it is, and it is detoxifing nothing, in fact you cannot detoxify through your skin anyway. Pure scam.

    Ionic foot bath detoxification - real or fake?
    Has anyone ever tried this? I have heard some people say the gunk that comes out of your feet is unbelievable. But it seems pretty suspect to me. If you've done it, and you're a believer, tell me your story.

    • ANSWER:
      You're right to be suspicious. Can you think of any real biological mechanism that this could be working through?

    What is the purpose of Scalar Energy Pendant?
    Can anyone tell me that what does a Scalar Energy Pendant do?

    • ANSWER:
      The Scalar Energy Pendant is made from lava rock.

      The minerals inside the rock are from deep in the earth and resonate out energy in the form of negative ions. This can in fact be measured as well.

      Negative ions present numerous health benefits including.

      - Balanced/improved mood
      - Immune Boost
      - Increased Energy
      - Better Mental Clarity
      - Reduction of EMF related symptoms
      - Detoxification of the body.

      There are many types of devices that utilize negative ions for overall health. These include negative ion generators and ionic foot baths. However it is the pendant which you can utilize 24/7 and where the true benefits come from. The constant use assists the body in numerous capacities!

    Ionic Foot Bath. I did an experiment. Hoax or not?
    My friend swears by the 'ionic foot bath'. They even purchased one for 1,500 dollars. They 'read' the color of the liquid and evaluate the 'scum' that floats after a foot bath 'treatment'. To experiment I put 2 separated stainless steel plates in a plastic pail added the 12 volts Direct Current and a bit of salt. Walaaa... bubbles ..brown water.. and scum.. NO FEET however. This setup will produce the exact color results feet or no feet. I figure I can find a buyer for this. I can make it for 20 bucks including a power supply. Gosh... I am never again going to underestimate the buying public. Oh..a cute little brochure and 'fact sheet' should help swing a sale or two. I am going to give a bath alright.. To someones wallet. Hehehe... Do you believe? Comments?

    • ANSWER:
      There are so many scams out there the last thing we need is another one,
      but great idea, if you can find a way for it to really work sounds like a promising idea

    Ionic Foot Bath. I did an experiment. Hoax or not?
    My friend swears by the 'ionic foot bath'. They even purchased one for 1,500 dollars. They 'read' the color of the liquid and evaluate the 'scum' that floats after a foot bath 'treatment'. To experiment I put 2 separated stainless steel plates in a plastic pail added the 12 volts Direct Current and a bit of salt. Walaaa... bubbles ..brown water.. and scum.. NO FEET however. This setup will produce the exact color results feet or no feet. I figure I can find a buyer for this. I can make it for 20 bucks including a power supply. Gosh... I am never again going to underestimate the buying public. Oh..a cute little brochure and 'fact sheet' should help swing a sale or two. I am going to give a bath alright.. To someones wallet. Hehehe... Do you believe? Comments?

    • ANSWER:
      The world is full of gullible people. A colourful brochure and a bit of pseudo-science they don't understand will ensure some of them will buy it. But will it be enough to cover the huge advertising costs to make sure they know about it?

      Perhaps you'll send me a free one to test... .?

    "Ionic detoxification foot baths": fact or ficiton?
    My boyfriend had one of these foot baths at his homeopathic doctor's office, and supposedly the bath is supposed to rid the body of toxins. I read up on the subject and I think it's a total scam. He wants to go out and buy one of these bath machines, and I'm trying to talk him out of it. If there are any doctors or nurses or homeopathic practioners out there who could give their opinions (for or against) the validity of these machines, I would really appreciate hearing what you have to say! Thanks!
    Supposedly the way it works is that ions are released into the water (by the machine) and they enter the feet through the skin, where then they circulate throughout the body. Then the ions polarity is reversed, and they are "sucked back out" through the feet into the water (the toxins), changing the color of the water from clear to all sorts of different nasty shades, like orange or black, depending on "where" in the body the toxins "came from."

    • ANSWER:
      Hey. If it's the same thing i'm thinking where the water turns brown? It supposedly has no benefits whatsoever, is not scientifically proven, and is in fact just a simple oxidation reaction and gimmick which companies are using to rip people off. I heard it costs a bomb as well! It was on watchdog about 6 months ago and was exposed as a total scam.

      Just to warn you this is just what I've heard and have not done any proper research into it.

      I should have added, i graduated with a first class biomedical degree, am now a medical student and have never heard of this "therapy" being suggested for anything. Also I cannot imagine physiologically how a solution in a bath with a electric current across it could remove toxic substances from your blood and tissues through the soles of your feet :) I recommend a good diet and some exercise. I read on a website that sells them that the water changes colour even if you do not put your feet in it...lol. If you want I can write you a whole paper on why these things are bull

    "Ionic detoxification" foot baths: do they really work?
    I read up on the subject and came to the conclusion that it seems to be a big scam. I don't think it really rids the body of toxins. My boyfriend disagrees, and he wants to buy one of these machines. I would love to hear from anyone who's had experience with this, or knowledge of these and how they work...is it real, does it work, or is it a scam? I would especially appreciate answers from the medical and alternative health community: practioners and clients. Thanks!
    Supposedly, the way this is supposed to work is that ions are released by the machine into the water. Then they are absorbed through the skin of the feet and circulated throughout the body. The ions' polarity is then reversed, and the ions are supposedly pulled back out through the feet into the water...the result being the water changes from clear to different nasty colors like brown, orange and black, "depending on what part of the body the toxins have come from."

    • ANSWER:
      Ha Ha what a hoot. Your assumption is correct these things are a total complete utter scam. Here is actually what happens. First you need two different metals say copper and zinc. Zinc is a good one very active metal. Next you put these metal electrodes in a vat of water, add a little electrolyte like salt. Next run a small current through the water and the first thing you will see is a bubbling of hydrogen being released. Also the metals will ionize and begin a metal plating process, the water will turn colors depending on the metals used, but the color change and cruddy looking water is the metal going into solution. This is basic simple chemistry, but the scammers want you to believe it is the toxins in you. You are the logical one your boyfriend needs an education.

    Where can I get an ionic foot bath in London?
    preferably south or central. Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      I would save your money - these were exposed as a complete scam about a year ago.
      They claim "The ions attach to negatively charged toxic materials, neutralizes them and draws them out of the body through the pores in the soles of the feet" and the water does indeed turn a brown colour.

      However - the discolouration is nothing to do with toxins exiting the soles of your feet - there are two electrodes in the unit that cause the water to change colour - it is a complete con. Turn the unit on without your feet in it - and it still discolours the water.

      Absolutely nothing is drawn from the body via this process - toxins simply cannot pass out through the feet

    Does the ionic Detox Foot Bath really work?
    I purchased an Ionic detox Foot Bath after hearing from it a lot at upscale spas. really good for detoxing your body through your feet. I got the treatment done at a spa ( later) and was amazed at how I felt afterward. So I bought one myself and did a treatment. The water changed color as promised (claiming that the color changing was the toxins being drawn out of my body) but I have seen so many things online about it being bogus. And the color changing being positive and negative ions reacting and creating rust. Anyone find any positive information about these foot baths??

    • ANSWER:
      The system of our bodies designed to remove metabolic wastes is the excretory system. So if you want to detox, better to take a laxative than to use a foot bath. Our skin is not made to transport that type of waste. In fact, sweat is the way our body cools itself.

      If you put your feet in some plain water with any type of vibration going on, your feet are going to feel great afterwards. We abuse our poor little feet so much that they love those ionic baths just cause they're grateful to be pampered... btw, if you put plain water in those foot baths and run it without ever setting your feet into it, you'd be surprised how nasty looking that water will still get ;o)

    what is the strongest Ionic foot Detox bath machine for in home ,spa & professional use?
    I am looking to buy the strongest Ionic foot Detox bath machine
    please tell me the best machine and why you feel it is the best.

    • ANSWER:
      Do a websearch on "ionic footbath scams" and read up! Stop wasting your money!

    Does anyone have in info on those Ionic Cleanse Detoxes?
    with the foot baths? Does it Work, yes or no? I keep hearing about em and I'm curious about everyone else's experience with them. A

    • ANSWER:
      This is my answer to the same question about a week ago: "You know, I recently had this done, and I expected it to be totally bogus. I went with a friend, who is a professional massage therapist, like me, and actually runs the spa where I work. The posts on here have been so incredibly negative, but I need to tell you guys the following: 1) If the ionizing equipment were reacting only with the city water, which is what was used for both of us, the water would have been EXACTLY the same color both times. It way WASN'T, and we went for exactly the same amount of time. 2) I'm diabetic and have really, really bad neuropathy in my feet sometimes, to the point where it makes me cry or can wake me up out of a deep sleep. My feet have NEVER felt so good since I've been a diabetic, some 20 years now. 3) Like I said, the color and the consistency of the water would have been exactly the same for my friend and I if this process were a scam. It wasn't. My friend has had all the fillings in her teeth replaced and has done chelation to get rid of the heavy metal toxicity in her body. I haven't done any of these processes yet (Career Single Mother Blues...), and guess what? There were indications in my foot bath water of severe heavy metal toxicity and yeast overgrowth, both of which I concur with. I tell you people, there's something to this. My feet don't lie. Not only that, the equipment is over 00 to buy. If someone were going to scam another person, there's so many easier ways to do this, and so many cheaper ways as well. My friend Bill, who runs The Pyramid Wellness Center, where we did this, is the nicest, kindest, most gentle, most highly educated man (several advanced degrees). He's anything but a scam artist, and truly only wants to help people. Once again, minds are like parachutes. They only function when open."

    What to do about Lactation after using Ionic Foot Spa?
    My knee had been hurting ever since I gave birth 4 1/2 months ago, to the point I could barely walk. My girlfriend told me I could put my feet in her Ionic Foot bath and it would get rid of toxins in my body. She assured me it would not affect my breast milk. Now my knee feels so much better, only minimal discomfort, but my milk production is low. My baby latches on and off frequently and my breasts have decreased in size. I keep trying to have the baby stimulate me to increase lactation but she gets too frustrated, so I have had to supplement with Similac. Any suggestions? I have been taking Fenugreek Seed 610 mg, since she was born, and am drinking two gallons of water daily...is there anything else I can do to increase my milk?

    • ANSWER:
      Teeny Beeny's answer is correct.

      "Toxins"...no, sorry...quackery...

      "Is your milk supply really low?"


    Does an Ionic Cleaning foot soak really remove toxins?
    If not, what is the best way to detox your body?

    • ANSWER:
      Hi , a good way to release toxic build up in your body is to sweat such as in a sauna or hot bath.

      The use of ionic detox footbaths it is alternative, to rid your body of unwanted toxins. But if be honest I never used this treatment. Though I have heard very good recommendations
      from friend.

      Ionic Detox footbaths work by sending a small current that goes in a circuit through the body and generates positively charged ions. The high concentration of the ion field attaches to the negatively charged toxins neutralizing them and the body is then able to discard them through the approximate 2000 pores that are on the bottom of your feet. You can then experience the correct acid-alkaline ph balance as nature intended. It’s painless and takes about 30 minutes.

      People who should not use this footbath are people with pace makers or who have organ transplants or expectant or nursing mothers.
      Jason Homan

    Treat Asperger's naturally?
    My 4 yo son was recently diagnosed.
    He has had adverse reactions to his recent vaccines.
    I almost had all the info I needed to deny the shots, but failed him. I feel guilty... do any other parents or caregivers have this guilt?
    We went to the Chiropractor yesterday for an Ionic Foot Bath which draws out the toxins & metals & such. It works great, will be on a 2-bath a week schedule for 5 weeks.
    He is also on a NO FOOD COLORING diet (artificial) & that helps tremendously. We are reducing his dairy intake, also.
    Wheat is probably next. We will see what is needed & act accordingly.
    Have any of you treated your Aspie or Autistic child naturally with positive results?
    What have you tried & what worked?
    What age(s) are your affected children?
    THANKS! :]
    It is amazing the difference in answers I receive in this category compared to the same question being asked in Mental Health & Special Education!!!
    Like night & day!

    • ANSWER:
      I would think that the foot baths would be a great way to detoxify your son! Good for you.

      Sun Cholorella might also be helpful in removing any mercury. Swansons Vitamins offers their own "Kyoto" brand with the quality of Sun that costs less.

      Your son is going to be just fine!

      Be well and good luck.


    Treat Asperger's/ Autism naturally?
    My 4 yo son was recently diagnosed.
    He has had adverse reactions to his recent vaccines.
    I almost had all the info I needed to deny the shots, but failed him. I feel guilty... do any other parents or caregivers have this guilt?
    We went to the Chiropractor yesterday for an Ionic Foot Bath which draws out the toxins & metals & such. It works great, will be on a 2-bath a week schedule for 5 weeks.
    He is also on a NO FOOD COLORING diet (artificial) & that helps tremendously. We are reducing his dairy intake, also.
    Wheat is probably next. We will see what is needed & act accordingly.
    Have any of you treated your Aspie or Autistic child naturally with positive results?
    What have you tried & what worked?
    What age(s) are your affected children?
    THANKS! :]
    Oh Gosh, I feel bad that you guys thought I meant I am not pursuing OT, speech therapy & such.
    Not in the least, we are very active in pursuing these things.
    My son needs all these things & I would never allow my son to get malnourished while trying different dietary eliminations.
    PLEASE people! I take good care of my son !!
    I guess this forum does not do justice in the inflections that I express when I say these things!
    HEARING it told, you would understand .
    Thanks anyhow.

    • ANSWER:
      I have worked in the field of autism spectrum disorders and feel that the above posters gave good answers. Do all the dietary interventions that you want, but please do not deny your children therapies such as speech, OT, behavioral intervention and social skills. You don't need to believe me - do your own research to see what has been effective with children and what hasn't. It can be confusing, but there are no proven "natural" cures or treatments with positive results. Don't waste your money. No one knows the exact cause(s) of autism(s) - and I'm sure you are aware that science has not proven that vaccines cause autism - in fact, it's the opposite. Autism rates continue to rise... even in countries that have adjusted their vaccines and removed the mercury/themerisol.

    Does Ionic Detox really work?
    I have heard a lot of people talking about them lately, and i'm considering buying one for myself, A lot of people say they work and a lot say they dont, does anyone have any additional information these foot bath systems?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes it does work I purchased a machine from HealthandMed.com and it has been working wonders, in the past i would feel groggy everyday, coffee didnt wake me up, exercising made me more tired, but when i saw these being advertised i thought what the hell i will give it a try, ever since then I feel energized, and look forward to my next session as it not only helps me feel energized but while using it it can be quite relaxing . I was skeptical at first but give it a try for yourself and then make your own judgement. I hope this helps.

    I Quit Smoking 3 days ago and I need help?
    I quit 3 days ago and today has been the worst so far. I feel so bitter and angry. I know it will hopefully get better soon and the withdrawals will ease but I am having a hard time with the withdrawals right now. Anything I can do to make them ease up a bit? Quitting smoking is so hard, I wish I never started up again. (I quit for 7 months and relapsed a few months ago)

    • ANSWER:
      If you have a place in your area that offers

      Ionic Body Cleanses
      Ionic Foot Baths

      or some deviation of them. What they will do is pull all of the nicotine and tar out of your body. This will make it easier for you to stop.

      They cost about - a visit and a visit lasts for 30 minutes. Typically, Chiropractic centers or more holistic health centers offer such treatments.

    "Ionic detoxification" : Fact or Fiction?
    My boyfriend tried this ionic detoxification "foot bath" procedure at his homeopathic doctor's office. He says it really works- that it actually rids the body of toxins. He wants to go out and buy one now. I read up on it, and it seems to me it's a total scam. What do you think?
    Supposedly ions (positive or negative charge, I can't remember) are released into the water by the machine, then enter your body through your skin, circulate, where they attach to toxins, and then the toxins are "pulled back out" through the feet into the water, changing the water color from clear, to brown, red, orange, green or black, depending on where in the body the "toxins" came from.

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds flaky to me.
      What where the toxins?
      Did your boyfriend get measurements before and after?
      Was there any sort of statistical hypothesis testing?
      Were the toxins reduced to a level low enough to have a significant reduction in the effect of these poisons?

      In 99.9% of the homeopathic cases the answers to these questions is going to be no or I don’t know. Without direct evidence you can’t credibly make a claim either way in a circumstance like this. But of course the absence of facts does not stop the person who is trying to sell it to you….

      The sad thing is of the some of the snake oil may actually be harmful, that’s why the Food and Drugs Act was originally created.

    Pus sack next to uvula? Diagnosis? Treatment? Cause?
    My roommate (female, 19 years old, non smoker, overall pretty healthy) felt like there was something in the back of her throat for a couple days, then she looked in the mirror today, and then I looked with a flashlight and it almost looks like a second uvula, but white and infected. She doesn't have insurance so we're trying to do everything we can besides go to the emergency room, I've been having her gargle salt water, hydrogen peroxide, listerine mouth wash, doTerra essential oils (on guard, lemon, and peppermint), doing toxin pulling via chewing oils (Dr. Karach's oil theory), and now I'm having her do some detox ionic foot baths. We are trying everything and just really want to know what this is because we can't find anything that looks like it online. If you have any ideas they would be appreciated! Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      It's probably just tonsillitis, don't panic she's not dying. Zinc supplements, rest, lots of water - treat it just like a cold. It will clear up on its own most likely. If the pus blisters spread significantly or it turns into a horrible sore throat (a can't-talk sore throat that lasts for days) or any other kind of actually serious symptoms then consider emergency care, but the tonsils are there as sacrificial organs to catch infections - they're just doing their job.

    Anyone got any good makeup tips?
    i already asked this and im sorry, but i need answers please help me. I need help... This unformal dance is tomorow. I need makeup tips... i need all the help i can get :)
    i have brown hair, hazel eyes, and tanned skin
    right now, on a daily basis i wear black pencil liner on my bottom lash and mascara.

    • ANSWER:
      Beauty Secrets(:

      1. Speed dry your nail polish by dipping your tips in a bowl of ice water.
      2. Soften your hair wax by warming the container with a blowdryer
      3. To keep lipstick off your teeth, put your finger between your lips, pucker, and pull.
      4. Make your lipstick last longer by first dusting your lips with a loose powder
      5. Tone down pimple redness by putting a potato slice over the spot for 10-15 mins
      6. Fine-grain sugar mixed with bath gel is a great exfoliating scrub for your body.
      7. If humidity has turned your hair into a frizz ball, scrunch a drop or two of lotion on the ends.
      8. Need cleanser? Got milk? Milk on a cotton ball makes a great substitute!
      9. For a tress treatment massage conditioner into your strands and over your hair in plastic wrap. Then wrap a warm towel around your head for 20 minutes.
      10. Add a few drops of baby oil to your body lotion for extra silky skin.
      11. Use an SPF lip balm under your lipstick for extra sun protection.
      12. Blend your eyeshadow together to make a new color.
      13. Add a little curl to your lashes by holding the mascara want at the tips for a few extra seconds.
      14. Your powder eyeshadow will stay put better if you lightly coat your lids with foundation first.
      15. Slater your feet with petroleum jelly, put on a pair of old socks and hit the sack for super soft skin.
      16. If you have fine hair, just use conditioner on the ends, Too much on top can make your hair look flat.
      17. To make sure long hair isnt tangled in the morning, put it in big braids before you go to bed.
      18. Get rid of greasies by rubbing baby powder into your roots. (just a little!)
      19. To quick-dry your hair, use an ionic hairdryer.
      20. Give lips an instant pout by dabbing a shimmery lip gloss just in the middle of your mouth.
      21. Get rid of flyaways by running a dryer sheet over your hair.
      22. Use concealer as a nude shade of lip color
      23. Gently run a cotton swab over yor lashes before your mascara dries up to banish clumps
      24. To lock in your lip color rub an ice cube on your kisser for about 20 seconds.
      25. Mash strawberries or papaya to make a fresh fruit mask.
      26. Remove lip stain super quickly by swiping a cotton ball soaked with moisturizer over your pucker.
      27. Use a highlighter stick on your forehead, cheeks, and chin for an instant glow.
      28. Massage cuticles with olive oil before doing an at-home manicure.
      29. To look a bit more awake, put a dab of light shimmery shadow on the inside corner of each eyes.
      30. Use a conditioner as a shaving cream.
      31. Put a on a dab of clear lip balm to tame your brows
      32. Crumble an iridescent eyeshadow and blend with a drop of baby oil to make a body shimmer.
      33. If to takes you forever to get that bump out of your ponytail tilt your head back, brush your hair out, and pull it into a ponytail.
      34. Drink 8 glasses of water each day and your skin will look GREAT!
      35. To make a nose look smaller, dust a light brown shadow on the sides.
      36. Keep a nail polish correcting pen handy so every paint job looks pro.
      37. For no-run eyeliner, dip your eyeliner brush in water, swipe it across some powder eyeshadow and apply.
      38. To balance out unevenly shaped lips, use a lighter colored lipstick on the smaller-sized lip
      39. To lighten dark, ashy elbows, rub a lemon over them.
      40. To make your lashes look long, mascara the tips first, let dry, then mascara as usual.
      41. Eyedrops that take the red out of your eyes can also tone down a nasty pimple.
      42. Moisturize dry hands by rubbing them with the inside of a banana peel.
      43. Make your eyeliner or lip pencil easier to sharpen by placing it in the freezer for 10 minutes.
      44. Wear sunscreen every day- no matter what the weather.
      45. Make your nails look longer by giving them a French manicure.


    Which type of doctor do you see for an ion foot bath/cleanse?

    • ANSWER:
      A quack. Because ionic foot detox is an 'A' grade scam.

      Please read: http://www.devicewatch.org/reports/aquadetox.shtml

    Is there a website that shows information debunking ion Cleanse?
    Ion Cleanse

    • ANSWER:
      Hi bryan777@sbcglobal.net, if I correctly has understood you - speech about Ionic Foot Bath. Yes?

      A good way to release toxic build up in your body is to sweat such as in a sauna or hot bath. But for most busy people, they do not have the time to spend hours in the sauna for the best results.The use of ionic detox footbaths -is easy alternative to rid your body of unwanted toxins.

      Ionic Detox footbaths work by sending a small current that goes in a circuit through the body and generates positively charged ions. The high concentration of the ion field attaches to the negatively charged toxins neutralizing them and the body is then able to discard them through the approximate 2000 pores that are on the bottom of your feet. You can then experience the correct acid-alkaline ph balance as nature intended. It’s painless and takes about 30 minutes. Please look article: http://www.askedweb.com/askedweb/Try_An_Ionic_Foot_Bath_To_Detox_And_Cleanse_The_Body/
      Jason Homan

    what do you think about ionic foot baths?

    • ANSWER:
      If your feet are dirty, it might make them slightly cleaner.

    Wh'at's your opinion of Ionic Foot Baths?
    Have you ever had a treatment?
    Do you think they actually work?

    • ANSWER:
      I just finished answering this on someone elses question in here. This is what I found on the web:
      The scamers claim that"the system draws toxins out through the soles of the feet" and that the "water changes color due to the release of toxic substances through the 2000 pores of the soles of the feet." they state that "You'll see the excreted toxins in the water. The water will change color and consistency—from orange, brown through to black." Yellow is said to come from the kidneys and bladder; orange/brown from the joints; green/dark brown to black from the liver, gall bladder and/or bowel; and white from the lymphatic system. Grease or fat particles may float on top of the water. According to the company, the process can be used to improve liver and kidney function; circulation; general metabolism; arthritis and joint pain; headaches; fatigue; irritability; menstrual pain; skin problems; mercury and heavy metal toxicity; food allergies, and poor digestion The above claims are a lie and I will explain why. Most of the listed conditions do not have a toxic basis. Positive and negative ions cannot "resonate" throughout the body in response to any such device. And the skin has no ability to excrete toxins. Real detoxification of foreign substances takes place in the liver, which modifies their chemical structure so they can be excreted by the kidneys, which filter them from the blood into the urine.
      The color change produced by the detox is caused by rust (oxidized iron), rather than toxins. This was investigated by using a car battery to send current through two metal nails that he placed into a bowl of salt water. The water turned brown and developed some sludge on top. Then Samples of someone using the detox foot bath was "detoxed" and collect before-and-after water samples. Laboratory testing showed that in both cases, the change of watercolor was due to greatly increased iron content. The color change is due mainly to the precipitation of rust created by corrosion of the electrodes, and the water would change color regardless of whether or not a foot was placed in it.
      I almost fell for it until I read this.

    Womens' health catalog that sells Ionic foot bath?

    • ANSWER:
      why not internet, there are plenty of websites, good luck


    • ANSWER:
      I heard it works really well. I cant see why it wouldnt as reflexollogy does amazing things for the body. its almost the same concept

    Proof of Foot Detox Myth?
    My dad is thinking about buying one of those foot detox baths. I've sent him some websites that disprove foot detox as a myth, but he doesn't listen.

    Do you know any more sites or news videos - preferably ones with more or less definitive proof?

    • ANSWER:
      Some of the info on those pages is very very interesting!


      http://spaindex.com/Articles/IonicScam.htm -- "My wife and I are seeing a chiropractor to correct some back and neck problems. Having never seen a chiropractor prior to this, I'm a bit skeptical of that science, but since my insurance pays for it, I thought I would try it. The chiropractic has helped me tremendously. My wife started after I started to see results. I only found out AFTER she had paid for 10 treatments at a cost of 5 that they had put her on a course of these "ionic foot baths".

      Needless to say, not only does the insurance not cover it, but for good reason. It should have been a clue. I was present one day when she finished her foot bath and she showed me the dirty water with little bits of black flakes and white flocculent material. I explained my theory that the water would have changed color most likely whether or not her feet were in the bath at the time. I told her I would show her, so today I did a little experiment:

      As you can see in the picture in the upper left, I have a 12 volt battery charger, with two electrodes, one of copper, and the other of steel (a piece of copper pipe, and a nail). In the beaker is room-temperature filtered water with added sea salt (what most peddlers of these products recommend). After only a couple of minutes at most, the water in the beaker appeared as shown in the picture at the upper right: Yellow, with black flakes, and "floaties".

      All of this was conducted Without Feet in the water."

      http://medicine.com.my/wp/?p=342 -- "Many skeptics suspected that the color change produced by the Aqua Detox was caused by rust (oxidized iron), rather than toxins. Ben Goldacre, who writes the “bad science” column for Guardian Unlimited (an online British newspaper), investigated by using a car battery to send current through two metal nails that he placed into a bowl of salt water. The water turned brown and developed some sludge on top. Then he sent a colleague to get “detoxed” and collect before-and-after water samples. Laboratory testing showed that in both cases, the change of water color was due to greatly increased iron content [7]. Thus it appears that (a) the color change is due mainly to the precipitation of rust created by corrosion of the electrodes, and (b) the water would change color regardless of whether or not a foot was placed in it."

    If you drink alcohol, does Milk Thistle, NAC 600, Alpha liporic Acid, and ionic foot bath help with the liver?

    • ANSWER:
      yes, adding these to a cocktail will increase the likely hood of liver failure

    Has anyone tryed Kinoki Detox Foot Pads,Did you like them?

    • ANSWER:
      I haven't personally, but know that detoxing does work. Ionic foot baths have also had glowing testimonies, though they do seem to stop before detox is completely accomplished. The sole of the foot is known for its path through the body, and is used often in natural remedies and methods.

      You may want to check out this answer to the other recent question about Kinoki Detox pads:

ionic foot bath